Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Danger Ahead

Two interesting topics have come up on the blogsphere:

1) Liturgy Wars: how one woman (a flutist like me and not it's not me) feels that all forms of worship music are appropriate. I agree with her wholeheartedly but am foreseeing that a number of people are already pouncing on this subject. I think it's wrong to be so mean about it. Please leave her a few kind comments whether you disagree with her or not.

2) Father Z has a poll set up for people's opinions about wearing veils to the Latin Mass. You have to sign-up to comment, but he asked people to spread the word so he gets a good sample. I'm caught in between. I think it should be mandatory for the Latin but not the NO. But then maybe not mandatory because then people will be doing so out of obligation not respect so it would loose it's significance. But then the Bible says you should. *sigh* I've been covering at NO for about year plus now. I do so out of respect for Christ. It's not to make myself stand out. I've seen a few others do the same thing at my church too. And we have "praise" rock music there.

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