Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Candlemas!

Remember when I told you that there are other holy days other than Christmas that use the same concept (Christ+Mass=Christ's Mass). There's a Michaelmas and today is Candlemas. It's also known as the presentation of the Lord and Mary's purification (since for Jews having a baby is considered unclean). Today tradition holds that you get a priest to bless your family's Holy Candle. But you can get them to do that at any point too and since we're moving I think I'll wait. No point in setting up a family "altar" in order to take all that stuff down. Besides Hubby might balk at me since we already lack a lot of space and have a little toddler who will soon be toddling.

BTW how do you manage to keep your children away from your family altar? Do you not keep one? Do you only pull out special stuff for special times? Do you use pictures on the wall and a small spot for kneeling? My family never did that stuff when we were children. I sort of made my own in my closet as a child. Thanks!

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