Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Have a Migraine

I get migraines periodically. Sometimes I go for a few months without them, but then *boom* I get hit with two in one week. Right now I have a weak one. The heavy duty ones leave me feeling like someone has taken an ice pick and shoved it through my head. I feel dizzy and nauseous and the best thing for me to do is lie down in a dark quiet room and go to sleep. This one is one of those if I sit down I feel decent. If I get up and do stuff, I feel a little dizzy like I can't find my center of balance and then the nausea comes back.

I also get the hyper senses. With particular nasty ones, I can't stand sound (and light to a lesser extent). Everything seems to magnify and the louder a person is the more my up-chuck reflex kicks in. Hubby has had to whisper on occasion. He usually sends me to bed for those. Today, my hyper sense is smell. The trash smelled particularly nasty so I couldn't do the dishes until hubby thankfully removed the offending odor. And for those who are wondering, it's hyper sense of smell related to a migraine and the nausea is totally migraine. Having been pregnant before, I now can tell the difference. At least for me there is a difference. The migraine makes my head hurt. The pregnancy, I feel fine, except the urge to purge. Also the smells are different. During pregnancy, I had an issue with anything perfume smelling like cologne, after shave, and, in particular, certain brands of cat litter. We had to go through several before we found one that I could stand walking past. Oddly, poop and garbage didn't bother me.

Anyways...I'm sure you didn't care to hear all that so to make up for it I'll write something more pleasant.

1) Did you know that there's a "Stats" tab on blogger? Apparently I don't go plodding around my dashboard. I usually focus on posts and design more than anything else. I don't even use the comments tab. I have it set up so that they go to e-mail. Anyways.... someone mentioned it so I hesitantly looked at mine and low and behold people do actually read the junk that I spew forth on this end of blogger. Wow. I'm completely shocked that people actually want to know what I'm thinking. Like I said my blog is my brain. Whatever I happen to be thinking (in this case it's to get up slowly when going to finish up laundry so I won't feel dizzy) I write it down (see). Call it my online diary that people can read.

Interestingly, I get people world wide although mostly from the US. My most widely read posts are as follows: Beyond the Grocery Store, Do Nothing Green and car seats, Take the Bible/Catechism Challenge, and TMI- Circumcision. So for those of you who have been looking at the Take the Challenge page, you can still sign up. I know you've been thinking about it because you've been viewing it enough times.

Also the foot traffic is interesting. A lot of it comes from my cousin's blog. I'm imagining friends and family are being told to view my blog for the purpose of ridicule and ridiculousness. I'm not bothered. I like a healthy amount of debate so long as a person can accept that I don't share their views of the world. Also some of it comes from my friends at a woman's place, and mama Kalila and now the conversion story (which I love btw).

Note I now have ten followers. I'm not sure how I should handle that. Either you love me so much that you can't get enough of me or you are horrified by my thoughts that it's like a fatal car wreck, you want to look away but you simply can't. I love you either way, but more so if you have that car wreck reaction. I know it makes you more sane than I. I know that I'm strange. Keep in mind that I have a headache. I'm not depressed or anything. I've just got a warped sense of making fun of myself. You can't say that I have a big head or anything.

Speaking of gross, my cat vomited on the carpet. I'll get to that after pulling out clothes from the dryer. Please wait a moment and I will continue this conversation in a few minutes.

Okay...where was I...oh yes. Cat vomit. Seems like some else is feeling a little out of sorts as well. Sorry about that. Would you like some water? We also have a plethora of soda, milk, beer (a rare one), juice, coffee, and hot or cold tea if you'd like.

2) I'm not a big fan of Catholic Knight. He's more conservative than I. He enjoys proselytizing a bit much so I very rarely read his blog. I read his blog post this evening concerning Medishare. It was interesting because my cousin, who is Southern Baptist, had written a blog post about it. I was interested so I went and looked at the site. They said they were for Christians but one look at there Statement of Faith and I knew that Catholics were excluded. The Catholic Knight confirmed my suspicions when he said that they were Evangelical. To be fair, Catholics are evangelical in the truest sense of the word. We do evangelize. But the group of Christians who call themselves Evangelicals would not include Catholicism. For one thing, we believe in following an oral tradition as well as have a very well-defined hierarchy. Evangelicals believe in sola scriptura and have a looser hierarchy.

But anyways...Catholic Knight suggested that we Catholics set up our own version of Medishare. I like this idea. Currently, if you work for a diocese, you get insurance through a private company (at least here you do). There are restrictions on birth control etc. but the actual company that provides the insurance provides it to other organizations and doesn't follow a particular credo. Also you have to be employed. The Catholic church and as far as I understand no diocese, offers insurance or health benefits to the members at large. You'd have to be a Knight, religious, or employee.

I've mentioned in the Bible that Paul said that the family is responsible for it's widows and orphans, but if a widow is a true widow without family, it is the church's responsibility to take care of the widow. In other words, I think having the church set up some sort of health care arrangements/ options for everyone is a good idea. There are a number of people in our country who don't qualify for government assistance but can't afford health care such as people who are self-employed or under-insured. So read his article, and consider rallying behind his suggestion.

Good night!

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  1. Sorry about the migrains!

    I don't think of you like a train wreck lol. I really do enjoy reading your posts. I think the stats thing is new (at least since I left Blogger). Is nice.. I view mine on wordpress pretty often, I'm curious. I kinda wish now it had the map like blogger has lol.


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