Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I think my comment is too long.

In response to the comments concerning the last post:
Yeah, she suggested the butter too.

We've tried different textures etc. He likes his fruit pureed but he likes toast and cereal as is. With meats it all depends. He definitely doesn't like plain/bland food.

He's meeting his milestones. The pedi asked about that. He stands independently but hasn't taken a step yet. I imagine in another week or two he'll take off. He responds to stuff like "come here" and his name when it's called. She even remarked that he's real sociable and that he will make eye contact with you. But I already knew that. He's always been a people person. So it hasn't affected his mental capacity yet.

I think her concern is that he hasn't really grown in the past three months. He hasn't gained weight nor has he really gotten taller either. I think she's worried that there is some sort of physical element that is causing him to have growth problems. They've tested him before and he seems normal. I think that she wants to test him again for different things. Perhaps his body isn't absorbing calories correctly or maybe he's a dwarf (although I doubt that, but you never know). And it may be nothing at all and he's just hit a slump.

It didn't help that she kept flipping through charts and point out a million times that he's "flat lined." Nor did it help when I kept saying that he's breast fed and she told me that there are a lot of breast fed babies who are chubby. It made me feel that she was not really listening and instead making this more than she should be. She's not our normal pedi. It's the partner in the office.

Plus she said that she needs to speak to our first pedi, which they never did. I had called them about it and I have told them that this is a problem. I think they've let it go for too long without giving me more feedback and now this lady is panicking a little which makes me panic.

Hubby is going to the next appointment which is in a month. I think I'm going to finally say what I think needs to be said which is that this has been going on for more than half his life. I have done everything they have asked me to. I'm trying my best to get him to eat but 1)I'm not going to force him to eat because that sets him up for problems later in life 2) I'm not going to introduce him to foods that are bad for him just so he can gain weight. I understand that until the age 3 children need high calorie foods that are fatty. But that doesn't mean they need to eat processed sugar which is what those breakfast mixes are: processed sugar. I'm really opposed to him having to drink milk with that junk in it. I'm going to allow it, but I'm almost thinking of calling her and telling her that I don't want him to have that stuff and ask if there's something better than that. 3) I'm doing the best that I can to help him gain weight. It's their responsibility to help figure out a solution. If this becomes an ongoing battle where my kid is getting stuck with a thousand needles simple because "he's flat lined", then I'm not going to continue to seek treatment and may find another pediatrician. It's been seven months. If it's really that much of a problem, then they should have hospitalized him for testing.

So not only am I upset and frustrated, I'm also a little mad that the pediatricians are essentially ignoring the problem as it gets better, but then as they watch it get worse suddenly make thing more emotionally difficult for me. If he needs constant monitoring, why aren't they doing so? If it wasn't for me taking him to the breastfeeding support group and weighing him every week, then they wouldn't even have realized the problem until a month later. After that they should have made more efforts to see him more frequently. Which the first pedi did but the others didn't. Well, until now because she wants to see him in a month. I think they're seeing dollar signs because of insurance.

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  1. *Hugs* I can just imagine how frustrating this all is.


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