Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Here it for the Boys

Hubby Passed!!! Not that he wouldn't. There's only been one "fail" in the whole history of things and they called it a "practice run" because they couldn't bear to have a person fail. So Hubby is now going to be called "Unofficially Dr. Hubby" or "UDH" for short. That is until he's Dr. Hubby for real in May (when he turns in his corrections and gets that piece of paper).

HB is walking a lot. Insists on it. Walked all over the grocery store today. Walks up the stairs instead of crawls. That kid. And has no teeth still. We went and bought him some tougher sole shoes because he's basically wearing a moccasin style right now. I cringe because they are Chinese. It comes down to money. In order to buy him a nice pair of non-Chinese children's shoes they are double to triple the cost of the others. I don't like it. The other route is to buy used. But I've checked out some used shoes and some are just too well worn. I guess I should have been looking for some sooner for the next size up. He's wearing a size four and we bought them a little big for growing room. He's got tiny feet.

Check out the super secret blog, friends and family. Shhhh....not so loud. People will hear you.

Anyways...I plan on writing up a green cleaning post soon. Sorry for those Catholic guys who've recently joined. I suppose you've figured out that my blog is eclectic not just Catholic commentary. It's for all those Catholic mom bloggers really. But you're more than welcome to stay, hang out, kick off your shoes, settle down with a cup of tea, and maybe learn that being a mom is a tough gig. So is being a dad for that matter. So three cheers for dads!!

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  1. Yay!

    LOL Sounds like Z and HB have the same sized feet. We got him some harder shoes too because he takes his soft ones off too easily. We only use them out though.
    Uh... he said hi lol


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