Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Chinese Ramblings

Thoughts: I don't know if you recall the pet food scare. But I'd like to remind you of it and to let you consumers be weary. You need to check the labels of your infant and toddler snacks. A friend at a party mentioned that a rice cake she was feeding her daughter carried the same label she knew when she lived in China. While I'm not sure these products are harmful, I thought that you might want to know that China is slowly encroaching on the food market. You can stick with whole foods or if you want the convenience of a processed food, check the labels. We're totally digging Annie's Bunnies and O Organics fruit bars which are both made in the USA.

China recently clamped down on citizens accessibility to information as a result of the Jasmine Revolution call. Basically, an anonymous person asked citizens in 13 states to take a "stroll" a passive protest in other words for democracy. So I hope to welcoming back a few of my Chinese visitors since I imagine that my blog was blocked. We support your endeavors to live in a corrupt-less and free China. You can read about it here. It's still continuing btw every Sunday. More info here at the NY Times and here at Voice of America. Is this the start of a quiet revolution? I certainly hope so.

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