Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Beef with Obama and Walmart

While the "debates" about Obama care rages on in the blogsphere, I also have my own beef with Obama about an issue near and dear to my heart: our country's relentless support of China, a known human-rights' abuser.

According to this article, "Asked by a questioner to explain “how the US can be so allied with a country that is known for treating its people so poorly [and] for using censorship and force to repress its people,” Obama replied that “China has a different political system than we do”; that “China is at a different stage of development than we are”; and that “there has been an evolution in China over the last 30 years” and “my expectation is that 30 years from now we will have seen further evolution and further change.”"

Humm...Mr. President, you want people to wait thirty years for their freedoms to be given to them. You want four more years of the one-child policy which could be extended. And you say it's because as a nation, China is evolving slowly and they have a different political system that PRC has a "right" to tread on the freedoms of it's own citizens. Are you for real? Do you think the American people really are going to buy that BS? Seriously? Do you think we want to keep buying cheap Chinese plastic crap so we can here you justify that China needs thirty more years? Really? Next thing you know we're going to be opening up trade relations with North Korea or Cuba, and I'm sorry but that I won't stand for. I will not support brain washing. Sorry.

On another in-laws, who I would describe as more Conservative than myself, have jumped on the "no-Chinese stuff" bandwagon. They're doing so because they want to support business here at home. So not buying Chinese stuff is not a "liberal" human-rights hippies thing, it's an everybody across party lines thing. It was really funny listening to them going through the toy department at Wal-mart, the once American-made only giant, and complain that it was virtually impossible to find anything not made in China or for that matter made in the US.

So Wal-mart, start carrying toys made from companies like Greentoys and Holgate who are based and manufacturer toys in the United States. You once touted that you were for the red-blood American that your products were mostly made in the USA. Go back to this montra. We will buy toys from you if they have that stamp. Otherwise, I'm going to order them through Amazon or one of my local toy shops. At least, they listen to what their customers want.


  1. I've always hated tiny excerpts like the first two. If you go here;contentBody you'll see the full response, and that those quotes were a setup for Obama saying that human rights transcend cultures. He was saying they are different from us, but that difference doesn't matter when it comes to human rights. As for the last two, they're not as bad, but still missed the point. Again, they were a setup for what he was really saying. He was saying that they have made human rights accomplishments, and that they will continue to make those accomplishments, but for the sake of our countries, and the world, we need to acknowledge that we have differences and will continue to work on those differences, but that we need to continue to cooperate on other critical issues.

    So let me try and rephrase that in non-political terms. Let's say your a cop, and you're against spanking your children. You get assigned to a cop that spanks his children routinely. You can either refuse to work with him, or despite your disagreement with him, work with him anyway since you'll be doing a service to the rest of the population, and drop hints the whole time about why you think spanking is a problem.

    Not quite the picture painted by the other article.

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  3. hum....I still think it's a cop out. We're in debt to China so he's still playing too nice. Honestly, even if it wasn't political, I wouldn't buy China anyway for a whole host of other reasons. The biggest one is safety and the other being that we need more options. It isn't right that all baseballs, an American/Japanese sport, are made in China, but the gloves are made in the US. Please explain that one to me. Although, that's a manufacturer's decision, which means I should boycott those people. But that's a little different.


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