Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Day

So I went looking for stuff for Hubby for Valentine's Day. I'm picky about the card. So I picked one up and turned it over and lo and behold "Printed in China." Rats. So I picked up the my second place winner "Printed in USA" okay that will work.

Hubby and I have a tradition of doing something nice for Valentine's Day. Our first Valentine's Day he spent a ton of money on me to go to a fancy restaurant. We've also done the teddy bears, card, and chocolate thing. Last year was a lost cause. Having a newborn will do that to you. We were thrilled that we were eating alone and that HB was asleep.

This year, though, we've been back and forth discussing what level we want to take things too. Do we want to find a babysitter? Do we want to eat in? I think we'll just cuddle and watch a movie and exchange gifts. I've gotten him something functional. (Hubby I only spent about 20 dollars. You can get me something functional or let me download some Glee renditions). Yes, I'm a Gleek. I can go into details about the pros and cons of this, but that's another post.

Also I plan on posting a dedication here to Hubby and HB. He may not like it, but Hubby does like the thought I put into things even if it's not his style. That's what I appreciate about Hubs. He doesn't necessarily like anything but games but he will understand the significance about something if I explain it out to him.

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