Sunday, February 13, 2011

Take the Bible/Catechism Challenge-Week 5

Almost forgot:

The Catechism is getting metaphysical again for me. God and love and love and God is swirling in my little head. I think I'd understand it more if I just took a theology class or finally caved and got out my Compendium. I'll have to see who wrote it because I'm not sure which Amazon link to use. Humm...

And from Exodus I have learned this: God loves blood and animal fat and blood. Can I say yuck? Not big into animal sacrifice. Also am figuring out that there are a ton of offerings: cereal, sin, burnt, etc. Also didn't know this, Jews can't eat rabbit. Like I said, totally glossed over these parts.

The New Testament is now Romans (before it was Mark. I could totally read the Gospels over and over and over. The Epistles on the hand, a little harder). It's a bit metaphysical too. I need a study guide of some kind. I think I still have one somewhere. The other I lent to my MIL.

Hope you're reading is going well and that you're not feeling like you need to resort to outside help to get a grasp on things. Let me know how it's going.

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