Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's in a Name?

So I named my blog "My Twisted Life's Journey" without a whole lot of thought. After looking at it, I could see a number of problems with the name.

1) The word "twisted" has a rather negative connotation. I think of the character Meredith on Gray's Anatomy who referred to herself as "dark and twisty" because her mother attempted suicide in front of her as a child, her dad was out of the picture, and she gets drunk and sleeps with anything male. I originally thought of the word as meaning "twisted" like a winding road. Perhaps a better adjective would have been "My Winding Life's Journey."

2) The word "twisted" is modifying the word "life" when I meant it to modify the word "journey." So it looks like I think my life is twisted when that's not the case. I think my life changes a lot like a winding road with twists and turns, but it certainly is not dark. So should the name be "My Life's Twisted Journey" or "My Life's Winding Journey"?

3) If I choose to change it to "My Life's Twisted Journey" we get dark and twisty again. If we change it to "My Life's Winding Journey" I don't think it has the same ring to it. A quick check of the thesaurus turns up other adjectives like "bend, contort, meander, circle, curve" etc. None of these words seems to capture the whirlwind that my life sometimes feels like. Oh, whirlwind sounds good, but how do you use that? "My life is a whirlwind" Nope.

So I have no idea how to make the title convey my original meaning. That gives me two options: 1) get your ideas on how to fix this "problem" or 2) scrap my idea entirely and come up with a new name. I'm leaning towards "Diapers and Diatribes" One good look at Google reveals that there is a song that uses that in the lyric, a blog titled "Diapers to Diatribes" and another "Diapers, Dads and Diatribes" I'll give it a little simmer in the ol' thinker, but I figured maybe you guys have an opinion. Leave a comment. Please help me out. Or I may just call it "Universal Matriarch" that would be Catholic Mom to be funny.

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