Monday, February 14, 2011

You read that correctly

I finally came up with my own appropriately named blog title. Notice the pun. It's characteristic of my sense of humor. Yes, I deal with drool all day from teething toddler and yes, I think most of what I write is silly. I thought diatribes was too harsh. It's rare that I rant. I hope that you like it. Hubby was the only person who said anything. He agreed that I needed to at the very least change where I placed the modifier. After Lent I plan on making the site look nicer since I'm getting foot traffic these days I feel like I should spruce up the place a bit. But during Lent the plan is to "tear" stuff down and leave a minimalist look while on Sabbatical.

Thoughts for the day: I went to Wally world to get a light bulb and some batteries. The light bulb I needed was for an exposed light fixture (meaning you can see the bulbs). I looked at the "green" bulbs and thought two things 1) these bulbs are from China, darn 2) don't they have mercury in these bulbs...hum...I think I want to see more LCDs come out I went for the "old" bulbs made in Mexico. All the "green" bulbs came from China; the others came from elsewhere. Batteries, I *heart* you Energizer. The reusable Rayovac's are made in China. Rayovac's disposable batteries are made in the US. Energizer's come from Japan. I spent about 3 dollars more on the Energizers, but like I said to all you manufacturers out there, I am willing to pay extra so that you keep your product out of China. Energizer, you rock! Oh, which brings me to my last thought: don't let me forget to type up a post about Catholicism in China. Add that to the posts on the poll and the one about Benedictine Rule and the Family. The BR is going to take a while to compose since I haven't a real good outline in my head. Yes, I'm that type of writer. I compose an outline of what I'm going to say when I'm showering, cooking, should be watching the toddler (opps), you get the idea. Then at night, I type it all up. Maybe I'm related to Mozart (he composed entire pieces in his head. what he wrote down was the final draft.)

Okay. Enough already. I'm going to relax.

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  1. LOL I think about posts while doing stuff too.

    We get energizer.. I didn't know that about them, so happy news. They're whats carried at Sams... easiest to get.

    Love the new name.


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