Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Baaack!!

Yeah, I know how cliche of me. But you know you missed me. It's okay. I missed me too. JK :)

Much has been going on in the Flute household (someone actually thought my last name was flute once long story). The downers Hubby lost a great aunt and his step-grandmother. We also have a bought of illness. We've also had some good news. HB has four teeth. He's also had another growth spurt judging by his jeans. And we're working on baby number 2 which is a total surprise to everyone. Honestly thought it was part of the illness except I never got better. I hate pregnancy truthfully. I don't know of anyone who does especially at the very beginning when you have to explain to complete strangers why certain smells make you gag and that if you don't eat now you will start to hurl darts at people with your eyes. And that's been the hard part of this whole thing. I feel hungry especially carnivorous all the freaking time.

My goal is to revamp the blog when I'm not contemplating running for the bathroom or stalking the couch. So bear with me. It will be slow and painful like this pregnancy is.

So what's been happening with you? Tell me all your darkest secrets. Tell me what you've been up to. Okay. I'm almost done with My So Called Life episodes and will stop being so melodramatic in the future. Loved that show. It's like reliving my adolescent angst. So what have you been watching? Or used to.


  1. Oh my goodness! What wonderful news!!! Congratulations to your entire family!

    And I did miss your blog! I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter! Welcome back!

  2. Awwww! Congrats!

    I really did miss your blog too :-)


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