Friday, April 29, 2011

Introducing the Gummy Bear

When HB's first sonogram came around (he was also 7 weeks gestation), I had never seen one live before so I said he looked like a butter bean. This time the tech told me that this was my "gummy bear." So we'll just call he/she gummy bear for now since we don't know a sex and we haven't even remotely talked about about names.

The big dark blob thingy is my uterus and in the middle is the gummy bear head up and butt down. Below Gummy Bear is the egg sack (I think?). You can click on the picture and it will be easier to see.

Gummy bear has a heart beat just like his/her older brother did at this point. I went by myself to get the sonogram and was both starving and had to pee (they make you hold it this early). Hubby stayed with big bro because big bro likes electronics and I could foresee screaming.

I felt crummy earlier but now my stomach has settled so I need to go eat something again. I cycle like this every three hours or so. I'm starting to wonder if there's anything I can try because eating a lot of protein helps but doesn't work all that great. Someone suggested that I might be anemic. I suppose I can try eating iron fortified cereal and see if that helps too. I feel like I should call the ob and tell her that the protein bars aren't working. I still feel like I'm either starving or sick (and I don't mean nausea; I also mean just feeling awful) and there's not much in between. Anyone got any good ideas?


  1. I had anemia pretty badly and it does make you feel pretty awful. Iron enriched food didn't help. Reg iron pills didn't help. Floradix prob would have but I couldn't keep it down... ended up on chlorophyll tablets. Worked wonders.

  2. Yeah, someone suggested Floradix. I am afraid to take in too much iron because that is also unhealthy, but I'm thinking on Monday I'm going to try and call and see if they will draw more blood to test for anemia or if they did in the last draw, what turned up.


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