Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Anecdotal Advice

Hubs has gone out for jury duty. Hopefully he won't get picked. He's already got his ready made reasons: his wife is suffering from severe morning sickness to the point that his son is in daycare and if in the two weeks of jury duty his son gets sick, he has to stay home. I had a friend be excused because she told the judge that she had to stay in cell phone contact with her grandmother, whom she was taking care of, because she suffered from early dementia. All true of course. And last thing I heard her grandmother is refusing to eat and is really depressed. My mother got out of jury duty because she was pregnant with my brother in the summer with no air conditioning in the court house.

So I had a great post, but it's in the lap top Dr. Hubby took with him to entertain himself while waiting to hear if he's needed.

Wear Sunscreen

I college my friend was dark complected so she didn't wear sunscreen. Over the summer she noticed a mole on her leg getting big so she went to her doctor who removed it and had it biopsied. It was melanoma. My friend had melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, in her 20s. Wear sunscreen even if you don't think you need to. Arizona is the 3rd worse spot for skin cancer.

So I haven't really weaned HB. Someone asked me if the doctor had told me to and I said that she never mentioned it. All stuff I've read says that unless you have a history of pregnancy complications, there's no reason too. In fact, stuff I've read suggests an older child may wean themselves because colostrum just doesn't taste good. Yes, your body will start to produce it the closer to delivery. Although it's common to tandem nurse too. HB usually nurses in the morning, when he gets home, and in the evening. And when I say nurse, it's more like bonding time. He really doesn't get much out of it.

The benefits for him now are protections against bacterial or viral infections. He's never had an ear infection. And of course he gets to be close to Mom. It's about the only time he sits still although he really doesn't then either.

But he is a year old and people ask about that to. I just quote the WHO (World Heath Organization) which advises parents to breastfeed at least until age two and beyond if possible. That's right age two (and beyond) not age one.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
The CDC recommends to age one at least and I think that's were most people get their numbers from. But they don't say you should stop breastfeeding at age one. Nobody says that anywhere. In fact a lot of people give women flack for not weaning especially other women. I'm sure that there are a number of reasons, but I've not known a child to keep nursing until they are old enough for prom. So I wouldn't worry about it. Most studies show that children in indigenous or ancient cultures didn't/don't wean their children until ages 3 to ages 8.

Also I don't know if I've mentioned this, but my pedi suggested that the reason the CDC said to use the WHO chart for breastfed babies is because the CDC bases their charts on Caucasian children. The WHO includes a variety of children from different ethnicities. So if you formula feed, I'd recommend using the WHO's chart instead of the CDC's.

And that's my anecdotal advice.


  1. I've never heard the Caucasian thing (interesting though) but CDC is mostly based on FF babies.

    Hopefully you're not getting much flack over the still nursing thing... I didn't when Kalila turned one, but was less public about it at that point. This time around I've been more open about nursing him and haven't heard anything yet. Have gotten a couple looks, but.. eh. I did get told to stop (by inlaws lol) when I got pg last time though. Thankfully they stopped pressuring me about it when I explained that my midwives had said it was ok.

  2. Mostly I get questions out of curiosity. One friend asked if I was still able to nurse while pregnant. And one lady asked me if anyone has ever been nasty about me nursing in public. No one's ever said anything to me about it. As I explained to her, it's actually really common to see where I live. I guess women are more liberated. If I went back home, I'm sure that I'll get comments, but it's protected by law there too.

    My husband is the one who tries to get me to cover up more. Can't really when you have a toddler with a mind of his own who likes to talk to you periodically while nursing.

    Hub's especially this way around his family, which I find funny. I'm not the easily embarrassed type. I'm modest out in public (minus the breastfeeding), but I'm not self-conscience of my body. If my skirt gets caught in the wind and my underwear shows, I don't get upset. I just laugh.


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