Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Banana Nana Bo Bana

I've talked about names before. I'm not big into alternative spellings or odd names. So here's my list of names I wouldn't name my child and why.

1) Named after locations: Brooklyn, Sydney, Nevada, and Paris are big no nos. But names of places named after a person such as Virginia, Lincoln, or Washington are okay since the name was there first. It just makes sense to to me.

2) Last names used as first names: Washington (what didn't you say that was okay), Lincoln, Jackson, Mackenzie, etc. seem all wrong. And it's confusing because some names like Allen are last names whereas Alan is a first name.

3) Names from seasons or months: I admit I like the name June, but I'm not partial to naming my child August, Winter, Summer, or Autumn.

4) Names from nature: River, Rainbow, Flower, Iris, Lily...etc. bother me. Yeah, I know people love them, but not me.

5) Cutsie names: Dashell, Tiffany, Brittany, anything with a 'y' at the end gets to me. I don't even care for Mary (gasp!) but I like Maria. Weird huh?

6) Virtue names: Hope, Faith, Love, Valour, etc. I don't like them. That's all there is to it.

Mostly when I name a child I think of what they would have to write on a job application. I can't imagine a person trying to be a CEO of a company named "Iris" or "Scarlett." Sorry. It's my criteria. The other thing I think about is my last name. Some people have weird sounding combos because they go for multi-cultural. Like Donitello Wagner looks weird to me. So I stick to an Anglo name (we are American) and German names.

What's on my list? I'll never say. We don't announce the name until after the birth.

Also looking into birthing centers. Right now I'm under my obs care, but we're moving. And there are two centers sorta close by. Both are about 1/2 an hour away depending on the traffic. Suck since the closest one to where I live now is 15 minutes. But a lot of people who live in rural areas have to travel distances to reach a hospital so it's not all that bad.

I decided a long time ago that I didn't want the same birth experience again. It was awful. I felt compelled to induce and that led to monitoring which meant I could only move two feet from my bed. I wanted to walk around the hospital but wasn't allowed. So after being unable to be comfortable as much as possible, I caved and got an epi. Then I couldn't feel anything enough to push. So I thank God that I didn't end up a c-section because my ob actually threatened one.

Not this time. I AM NOT GOING TO BE INDUCED. I don't care if that means I give birth in my house because I know that birthing centers in this state "time out." I am not going to a hospital unless medically necessary. AND I WILL NOT BE TETHERED TO A CHORD LIKE SOME CAGED ANIMAL. The only reason why I did this the first time was to appease Hubby. This time I'm taking matters into my own hands and am not dealing with a medical industry that charges outrageous prices for something that women in third world countries do on their own. Even if I move to a state that has no birth center, my plan is to have the third baby at home. I hate hospitals which are meant for sick people. And I hate doctors. I thought that I could trust my ob until she said the word "c-section." And that's when I said to myself "She's crazy."

The United States has a C-section rate of 30 percent which is double the recommendation of the World Health Organization. They also are ranked 28 in countries for infant mortality.


  1. You do live in a state where home birth is "legal" :) I have had all of my babies at home, even though home birth wasn't "legal" in the three different states we lived in at the time.

    I know what you mean about OBs...when I was having a hard time finding a midwife in Chicago, I saw an OB and my oh my, am I glad we moved before I was close to having my baby. That woman wanted me in a bed, even if I was going all natural, really!?

    And for names, it amazes me how many people need to find wacky made up names for their kids, when history is full of awesome names, names of people who their children can use as wonderful role models. There is a huge treasure trove of Saints names that are unique and unusual too! :)

  2. I could do a homebirth but I wouldn't. It looks like we're moving into an apartment and I don't think my future neighbors would appreciate me screaming in the middle of the night. Which is why I'm glad birthing centers are an option especially if you live in a population dense area.

  3. Hugs.

    I'm kinda weird about names too. I like some on your no no list, but wouldn't use them if that makes sense lol. I like Maria better than Mary too, but anything along that line is out because I also think of my last name and too close. I might have the double name but I don't want it for my kids.

    As for the birth. If you need to talk, encouragement, anything you know where I am. Been there (first was hospital) and had a much better experience the second time at the BC so it is very possible.


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