Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Wanna Send my Kid to South Bend

Yes, this is post number 3 for the day. I've been doing research into China and whatnot. I nearly kissed my computer screen and thanked God that I'm not the only crazy Catholic who has said "no" to Made in China. There's an entire university of them. Sweet! I'm sending my kid to South Bend (well that is if he or he/she wants to). Love you people.

Here's why: Made in China Not for Sale in Catholic University

"Notre Dame’s rules ban the sale of Chinese product to defend the rights of Chinese workers. T-shirts, mascots, license plate frames, cups and other items made in China cannot be sold or bear the university logo on campus."

The University of Notre Dame, a Catholic university in the US state of Indiana, does not allow the sale of products made in China. T-shirts, mascots, license plate frames, cups and other items made in China cannot be sold in the campus bookstore.

The university banned Chinese-made products because Beijing does not allow independent trade unions. Ten years after adopting the policy, Notre Dame remains the only major US university that forbids license holders to put the school logo on any product from China, the top US source of manufactured goods. The Catholic institution’s policy is linked to the status of workers in China.

A standards code adopted by the Catholic university in 1997 requires freedom of association and the “right for workers to organize and form independent labor unions of their own choosing.”

And things are looking up:

Notre Dame’s ban has drawn the attention of some members of Congress who are critical of China’s human rights record.

“What Notre Dame is doing is very, very important,” said Rep Frank Wolf, a Virginia Republican and chairman of the Appropriations Committee panel that oversees trade.

Wolf added that he would press Virginia universities to impose a similar ban.

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