Friday, May 20, 2011

Made in the USA

ABC news recently did a series on Made in America. They took an ordinary middle-class family and looked at where all their stuff was made. Then they took out everything that was not made in the USA and spent a lot of time looking for stuff that was made in the USA to replace it with.

Here are the most interesting videos. The clips aren't that long.

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This one is my favorite clip about the different companies and why so many of them stay in the US. My FIL works in a plant that makes transformers. He programs the computers to make them to certain specs. Right now work is slow since the economy nose dived. Keep that in mind when making a decision on a purchase.

ABC also has a great website where you can find great sources of information on finding products made in the USA.

They also talk about textiles and clothing manufacturing. You can find fabric made in the US, but there aren't any major retailers/manufacturers who produce clothes manufactured in the US. About 98 percent of all clothing comes from overseas; most of it comes from China. You can find small companies or family businesses or seamstresses who will made clothes for you but that's about it.

Also there is only one company in the US who makes light bulbs. ABC found that out after some military personnel was asking for help locating bulbs, washers, screws, etc. They have to buy goods made in the US only. I haven't been able to find the bulbs in a regular store, but I also haven't tried a store that specializes in lighting fixtures either.

Oh, and sometimes it's cheaper to buy something made in the US then from overseas. Just give it a try.

Also I should note that the Usry's lost their tv because there are no tv being produced in the United States. There also aren't any coffee makers made in the US either. Sorry Mr. Coffee. Glad I don't drink that stuff anyways. And souvenirs in the Smithsonian (an American museum) are made in China.

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