Monday, May 23, 2011

My Weekend

Well the nausea is getting better, but I'm contending with stomach pain and vomiting still. It seems things have ratcheted up to vomiting once a day. Largely what happens is my stomach hurts for a while and then I vomit. I suppose this is my body's way of getting over things.

The frustrating part of it all is that unlike my first pregnancy I can't predict anything so I can't take any preventative measures. With HB I was able to take steps ahead of time and avoid vomiting. Now my stomach hurts most of the day and I can't tell if it's because of feeling pucky or hungry. And sometimes I vomit even if I'm not hungry. I hate it.

I did take some of the medication that I've taken before. It works, but the problem is the side-effects which I don't remember being a problem before. It makes me very drowsy. The kind of drowsy a person feels when they are asked to count backwards before going under anesthesia. I could hardly think yesterday enough to hold a conversation. I haven't taken it yet. I'm a little afraid to, but Hubby says I should. He told me not to try to tackle the laundry as he left while I started the process of vomiting this morning. He said he'd rather I'd sleep all day then vomit more.

HB is 31 inches and 19 pounds of tiny. He's had a little fever because of the vaccinations. I just hope the daycare doesn't call because of that. They tend to overreact despite me warning them that it is totally normal. If they do call, the first thing I'm going to ask is what is his temp exactly. They lost the thermometer will I was working there. If it's low grade, he can stay; if not he gets picked up. I have a funny feeling they won't check it.

I'm starting to get a little pudgy. Mind you my clothes still fit with the exception of some elastic digging into my skin. I know with second pregnancies it's common to show a bit early. And considering how much I eat comparatively speaking, I'm sure I'll show earlier. With HB I lost weight the first 2 months because I had trouble eating anything with high calories (I mostly ate crackers and fruit). This time I gained about 2 lbs. I know it's mostly fat, but I'd rather be a little pudgy because of the vomiting. I went ahead and ordered some maternity skirts. Last time I wore jeans, but because of the hot flashes I was miserable. The jeans felt like they were adding more fuel to the fire. This time I hope that the skirts will allow some better air circulation so it won't be so bad.

I figure the earlier the skirts come it the better. I can try them on and make sure that the fit and if they don't, I'll have time to send them back to get a different size before I need to wear them.

One thing I've learned about pregnancy is that hot flashes suck. I feel for perimenopausal women. I'm really afraid that my body is going to be like that too. Hopefully, I can take some natural hormonal stuff to take the edge off. I've heard that soy is really good for that. I'm not sure if soy will work for pregnant women though since the reason for hot flashes is because of the overall rise in hormone levels not the drop in hormone levels.

Oh, and I wasn't "raptured" or anything. That will be my next post.

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