Thursday, May 26, 2011


The crazy think about living in a condo is the level of noise or more specifically the level of arguing that goes on around here. My neighbors argue a lot. Well, everyone except the lady in A, but it would be odd if she started screaming at herself (she lives alone). I've heard enough F bombs through the walls that would make a sailor blush. The people in B, one glorious Sunday morning, had a rather nasty argument. The lady over there was screaming so loud that she sounded a bit like what I imagine a banshee would sound like. Something about "why did you do that." I couldn't quite make out the whole of the argument. Our previous neighbors in B kept to themselves; we never heard them argue.

Then there was the nasty argument in D that resulted in the police making an arrest and my neighbor moving out. Apparently, my former neighbor's boyfriend has a drinking problem and common sense goes out the window. He threatened her and her family members with a knife. We heard such screaming that Hubby and one of the other neighbors came over to make sure things weren't escalating. It was real scary. I watched them as the police got him to the ground after he tried to bolt at the stairs. It all happened in full view of my dining room window.

So now we have new neighbors in D. Who I don't know what goes on there, but they seem to move the furniture all the time. And today, I heard a few F bombs between them. It's a single mom and grandma with grand kids.

This wouldn't be so bad, but our neighborhood is close knit. You can hear all the neighbors on this corner arguing periodically. There's the neighbor who argues with his ex-wife over the cell phone. It all happens outside right next to my window where I get a good half of the conversation without meaning too. Then there's the odd couple who lives closer to the street. There's grandpa, daughter, granddaughter, and boyfriend under one roof (I keep wondering what the sleeping arrangements are since all the units have only two bedrooms). The daughter and boyfriend have had a few nasty fights. And his voice is particularly loud even when he talks normally. He called her a *unt one evening. And then there was the famous break-up of L whose ex-boyfriend owns her unit. She lives there rent free. Although I think they made up after he had the place gutted because a water pipe broke.

Anyways...there's always drama around here and unfortunately there are children who live in these units too. But I won't say that Hubby and I a perfect either. We have a few screaming matches, but in general nothing serious to warrant police intervention or yelling out in the street (which is what happens with the neighbors in the other buildings). Although I think we've slammed a few doors ourselves. I didn't have this much trouble when living in an apartment, but I suppose the dynamic is different. These are arguments among "families" not roommates (I lived close to campus).

Why is it that we always are nastier to the ones we love the most? I suppose it's because we're close to them and feel we can treat them different then we can someone who is a stranger or just a friend. It's sad really when common courtesy is thrown out the window because we're related to someone. And the funny thing is, most of the time, these fights are over things that don't really matter. Sometimes I think it's a lot easier to love your enemies then it is to love your family.

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  1. I agree... I've been fairly lucky and not had to deal with much fighting around us. Growing up the trailer next door was bad, but they're the only couple I can think of that did it. Sometimes I feel bad for my FIL because we do get pretty loud (not fighting/cussing just yelling). Trying to stop, and its working for the most part, but it happens. Thankfully he says he doesn't hear it... just the kids lol. Bad enough ;-)


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