Monday, May 9, 2011

The Pill Kills

The pill kills. Most people don't read that on their box of chemical birth control pills. Now I understand why some women need to take the pill, but the vast majority of women don't. They take it simply because it's what their doctor gave them to take, their friends take it, or family members take it. I've even heard that some women take the pill because NFP means they can't have sex when they want to so they take the pill instead. But that's a whole other argument about lust and selfishness and the will of God.

What you may not realize is that the pill kills. Have you ever seen a pill commercial? Here's one:
This one was for the pill YAZ which has led to recalls because of the side-effects. Women have reported blood clots, heart attack, and stroke in high numbers just like the commercial warned. Similarly the patch, Ortho-Evra, had been recalled after women reported a high incidence of, you guessed it, blood clots, heart attack, and stroke. And women with certain health conditions and who smoke should never take any kind of birth control pill, shot, patch, etc because you are killing yourself. Women have died or been severely injured from taking the pill when it was discovered that the pill in conjunction with certain medications and blood clotting conditions caused clots in their kidneys and lungs. And these are just the more immediate affects.

Here's one such story:

In addition, the pill has shown in study after study that there is a higher incidence of cervical and breast cancer when taking the pill especially if you started using it before age 20 when breast tissue is still "young."

This is only what it does to people who take the pill let alone what the pill does to fish, amphibians, and men. Because the chemicals are thrown into the water supply or women urinate the access chemicals (when naturally pee out hormones, birth control pills are synthetic), wild life and even other people drink these chemicals every day. Some studies are looking into how this is causing sterility in some men.

But you don't have to take my word for it, there's huge amounts of information out there about why the pill is so harmful to the normal person. Again there are some medical reasons to use the pill for some women. But acne, I don't think, is a good one. There's no special pill to clear up acne in men. Sorry. And in case you didn't know, one of the side affects of the pill is actually increased acne.


  1. YES! It is funny (really sad) that so many women will sleep on organic cotton sheets and eat only bean sprouts, yet they ingest this stuff every day...I would be pretty bitter if my husband expected me to abuse my body in this way

  2. by the way- I'm planning on writing a no-Chinese made Christmas presents post. I was hoping to publish (and give you credit) your boycott China side bar- is that ok?

  3. Sure would love for you to talk about the boycott. Thanks for the credit. Although I can't take full credit for everything. There are a lot of people who have done/do the same thing for a variety of reasons (hence the side-bar). There's a great book out there called "A Year without 'Made in China'"

  4. The YAZ pill was indeed harmful, which is why the FDA got involved and made them run a $20 million corrective ad campaign. However, birth control pills in general are not as damaging.
    As for increased cancer rates, it's a complex question. There are studies showing that women who take the pill are more likely to have breast cancer detected, but that's only because they undergo screening which finds early and small cancerous tissue.
    Anytime there's a complex question in science, the true results can fall on either side of the line. And if it's that close to the line is it worth worrying about anyway? There are risks involved with taking ANY medication, pain killers included. That's why it's so important to be upfront with the side effects on any medication, so people can decided for themselves whether the risk is worth it. There are risks associated with jumping out of planes, but people still do it.
    As for it getting into the water supply. Yeah that's a problem, and it needs to be dealt with.
    If you're interested in researching it further, the wikipedia article on the pill is pretty good.

  5. "However, birth control pills in general are not damaging."

    Yes, they are. If they weren't, why do they warn women with certain medical conditions or who smoke not to take them. Ever heard of DVT. It's a condition you get from not moving your legs for long periods of time. It affects people who travel a lot especially on air planes. If you take the pill, your likely hood of developing DVT is increased. And this is with a normal person. Why take something that restricts your life style when you don't have to?

    "And if it's that close to the line is it worth worrying about anyway?" It is for those who suffered from kidney failure and stroke while taking Yaz. You can say that happens with any pharmaceutical. But YAZ is optional and that's the difference. You don't take YAZ because you have an abnormality. You take it to create one. Menstruation is normal. Not menstruating outside of pregnancy is not normal.

    "That's why it's so important to be upfront with the side effects of any medication."
    But there are enough women out there who get the pill without having had a physical exam. You can go to Planned Parenthood without your parent's consent, without a medical history, and receive the pills. They give them out like candy. The only questions asked at a gyn's office are what meds are you on and do you smoke. If you aren't aware of high blood pressure or blood clots or diabetes etc, then you are killing yourself by taking a drug that you don't have to take.

    The bottom line is women don't need to take this. They don't need to run the risk. So why do so all at? There are other alternatives.

  6. I've been trying to reply to this for days lol. Is a good post and agreed. I just don't get it (the use of these I mean).


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