Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Testimony on House Subcommittee

Yesterday was the "Pray for China" day. I would have posted something about the topic, but unfortunately HB had a high fever. He's got an ear infection. Oddly, he's not been tugging on his ear. The only symptoms have been the fever and a runny nose. He seems much better today although tired.

I've had some bad days too, but yesterday I started taking the pills the ob recommended. The side-effects are getting better. And it's helping. Hopefully a few days with them in my system and I'll be back to normal. I want HB back home in June. took me a while to find this video. You'll have to scroll to 1:20:40 before it actually starts. Don't ask me why. The video is on testimony by several people involved with or from China (Mr. Wei Jingsheng, Chair
Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Mr. Harry Wu, Executive Director, Laogai Research Foundation, Ms. Jing Zhang, Director of Operations, All Girls Allowed, Mr. Steven Mosher, President, Population Research Institute, Mr. Philem Kine, Asia Researcher, Human Rights Watch, Ms. Andrea Worden, Adjunct Professor of Law, American University Washington College of Law). It's really long so I suggest watching it in parts. But I suggest all watch it. This is what our government knows yet we are in debt up to our ears with China and still "do business with them." Don't plug up your ears or ignore it because it's a half a world away. United States citizens DO need to know because we buy things from that country.

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