Monday, May 16, 2011

What's been happening here?

Well, Hubby had an interesting birthday. It was boring at first until about 45 minutes after putting HB to bed I heard a cry. This is not normal for HB so I sent Hubs up to investigate that it wasn't a leaky diaper or a bad dream or something. No sooner had Hubs gone to see what the fuss was about that he asked me to come upstairs and help him. HB had thrown up all over him. The next day we stayed home and other than a runny nose HB has been fine.

Friday was Hubs graduation. He was hooded with one other graduate from his department in a sea of undergrads and grads from the college of science. The entire show went over what they had scheduled and lasted 2 and half hours. My butt was tired from sitting. Needless to say, I got there real early and parked myself in a location with relatively easy access to a bathroom. But the bathroom was unnecessary. I felt for the most part fine just really tired.

That evening my tonsil swelled, which isn't unusual for me. And sometime during the night I had to deal with ear pain (due to tonsil) and a stuffy and runny nose. Now I have a cold.

I'm not sure if the reason for vomiting yesterday was because of the massive amount of phlegm or if I was the morning sickness. But I'm leaning twoard the cold being the culprit and that finally my morning sickness issues are slowly dying out. At least, I hope so anyway.

I'm getting really worn out with all the lack of energy but mostly it's the weird nausea that I can't gauge. I've already asked my doctor if we can up my dosage, but she said no. The nurse suggested alternating it with another anti-nausea drug, but I'm allergic to that one. Then she suggested adding a B6 (or was it B12) vitamin and prego lollys.

Honestly, I don't think those things would really work. This pregnancy is totally different then my previous one. All the things that helped for the first one don't work this time around. I've sat down and calculated it. The first pregnancy I think I vomited about 4 times total and I was sick from week 7 through week 15. This time I've vomited twice maybe three times that amount, been extremely sick feeling, and started feeling sick at week 5. In fact it was the nausea that tipped me off to pregnancy since my cycles run long. With HB I missed a period and peed on a stick to find out. Even the doctor remarked for pregnancy 2 that my HCG levels showed up real quickly on the test despite it still being early.

I guess kid number 2 set down to business on working on that placenta and doesn't play around.

But anyways...I've decided to start a series on Jesus so let me get to work on that.

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  1. Sorry know I've been bad about commenting lately (am still here though lol).

    I'm sure you've tried it all, but since you haven't mentioned it.. have you tried mint for the nausea? Was the only thing that worked with me last time... I've already told Jas I'm getting the hypnobirthing script aimed at that next time though. Haven't tried it yet to recommend it, but since it works so well for everything else I'm assuming...

    Hope you're feeling better all around. Hope HB is too. And congrats to your hubby on graduating :-) Glad you got to make it!


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