Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes- From the News Desk

I have a million posts in my head my stomach (a la being weaned off meds) is not having it. So I'll do the quick takes instead.

1) Latest in Child Seat Recommendations from National Highway Transportation Safety Administration- says now 2 years and 40 lbs in when to turn around unless car seat has higher poundage for rear facing

2) More on Eugenics- Killing of Unborn Children with Down Syndrome is a Crime Against Humanity

3) Arguing in Circles- Why it's so difficult to talk to a Protestant about Biblical Interpretation and Authority

4) Homeowners foreclose on a branch of Bank of America-
"In 2009, retired police officer Warren Nyerges and his wife, Maureen Collier, paid $165,000 cash for their 2,700 square foot home in the Golden Gate Estates subdivision, and never took a mortgage out on it. So imagine their surprise when, in Februrary of 2010, Bank of America initiated foreclosure proceedings against them. The Nyerges hired an attorney, Todd Allen, to defend them against the wrongful foreclosure, and the Bank eventually abandoned the matter."

"But not before the Nyerges incurred $2,534 in attorney's fees, which they requested informally from Bank of America multiple times before resorting to the courts, which ordered the bank to make the couple whole. When B of A still had not paid the judgment after five months of phone calls and letter writing by Allen and the Nyerges to the bank insisting that the court order be obeyed, Allen took the next step in the legal collection process, obtaining an order of foreclosure against the bank"

5) Octomom's Fertility Doctor has his License revoked

6) Articles about China
China's War Against Women and Girls
Was Google Hacked by China Again?
Chinese Model Looking at Population Control
Another Illicit Ordination Planned

7) Scientists find genes linked to migraines - I guess I got my mom's genes afterall

Hope that you enjoyed.

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