Monday, June 13, 2011


We're flying on Saturday to visit family for ten days. Neither one of us is looking forward to it. For starters, HB is going to be a lap baby and he likes to wiggle. We booked the flight to arrive late in the evening so I'm hoping he'll fall asleep.

But apparently HB has to bring id too. His birth certificate to prove his age. And I've noticed that we'll have to check his car seat, which I'm dreading because I'm not sure what it will look like when we go and get it. It's a car seat. I can foresee it getting smashed to pieces because of people's luggage. Although more people are carrying on because to check a bag costs money.

I'm also not looking forward to the scanners. I can't go through them and I don't want to do the pat-down. I foresee myself being arrested or turned away from the flight because I refused both options. But maybe I'm worrying over nothing and everything will be fine.

I think next time we'll drive or go by train. A lot less hassle that way.


  1. We have checked carseats before on two different airlines, out of both Chicago airports, with destinations on either side of the country and never had a problem. Just make sure you label your carseat with your last name and address.

    This was years ago that we traveled with the two oldest ones, but I if I recall correctly, even though they were "lap babies" for one of the flights, they both were able to have their own checked luggage, which is a nice bonus.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to find a large label or something and stick it to the seat so it's obvious.

    I also need to write a list of stuff to take with us so I won't forget things. Having never traveled with kids before, it's going to be strange for me. I'm so used to trying not to forget underwear or a toothbrush that I know I'll have trouble not forgetting to take toys and sippy cups.


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