Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Green Movement is not Problematic for Christians

I recently read an article by Louis Glinzak titled Is the Green Movement Problematic for Christians. In it he makes the statement that sometimes in our fervor to go green we end up hurting ourselves. But I totally disagree. Being green helps mankind.

In his article he sites two examples where going green has hurt not helped. Windmills kill golden eagles, and camels in Australia are having to be euthanized because they produce a lot of methane. I'm not saying that are efforts don't reap bad effects. I can site quite a few sources of information myself. However, these examples are about going green hurting other species not humans.

His only examples of hurting people are more opinion at best. He says that alternative energy is not cost effective. Of course it's not. Most things aren't cheap at first. Secondly, he says that stringent environmental standards are not helping the poor get out of poverty. If he has a real life example, I'd be willing to believe him, but just the opposite seems true.

Take for instance the gulf oil spill. My parents are close friends with neighbors who live the next street over. The couple owns a sea food stand at the local farmers' market. It's how they make their living. Every week they travel to pick up sea food down on the coast from the boats. Then they bring it back up and sell it. When the oil spill happened, it destroyed the eco-system. It also destroyed the fishermen's business, and it decimated the sea food stand. So having stringent environmental standards is important because they protect small business owners.

The same could be said about environmental standards that deal with pesticides and fertilizers for farming. My grandmother's well water was contaminated because of cow poop was running into the water.

The Ogoni people of Nigeria had to fight Shell Oil company because Shell Oil was contaminating the water the Ogoni drink.

I could site numerous instances both domestic and foreign that show that not having environmental controls affect people negatively. These are only a few.

So it isn't that the green movement is un-Christian because it hurts the most vulnerable among us. But quite the opposite. Not being green hurts us more. It destroys livelihoods and the health and well-being of many. Being green is the Christian thing to do because it's stewardship of the planet and caring for the most vulnerable.


  1. Agreed. I think the issue is (have actually seen arguments to this effect) that some Christians see that a lot of pagans are involved and don't want anything to do with it. It becomes part of their religion and they make a stand that we can't be part of it because that makes it evil. Something that annoys me to no end...

  2. I completely agree. I read the same article and had many of the same reactions as you. Yes, 'the green movement' might turn some people off from protecting the environment but that is just because 'the green movement' is asking us to radically change our actions to protect then environment and the people that live in it. This is not something that people want to hear.


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