Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Merry Ol' Time

So HB and I have had a good week so far. He's really enjoyed spending time with Mom and is happier overall. I'm not saying my nausea is over. It's more manageable. I haven't vomitted in several days and I don't have severe stomach pain like I did before. I know that in time it will get better to where I won't even notice that it's gone. I do feel tired a lot and take a nap with HB. I usually don't like to do that, but I'm pregnant and until the 2nd trimester boast kicks in (hopefully a couple of weeks) I'll just take a nap.

My pudginess is bugging me because I can't fit well into some of my usual clothes so I bought a Beband (like a belly band) and it's working okay for me. I remember wanting one more after the birth then before. I'm looking forward to pregnancy clothes because it's like Christmas. I haven't seen them in so long that I have no idea what stuff I have. I got my skirts in today. I somehow ordered a navy one when I thought I gotten black. Oh,well. It'll work out. I'll show you them after they're washed and I finally get around to buying a battery charger for my camera battery. We think a little sneak has thrown away my keys (I've been using the spares) and my camera batter charger. But we may find them in the move.

HB's appetite is much better than it used to be. The Health Department says that children should be offered a snack that looks something like this: 1/4 of raisins and a piece of toast. I used to feed HB something similar and he'd eat 1/4 of a piece of toast and 4 raisins. Now he's eating the entire snack, which is great. He's also grown quite a bit. I told Hubby that we need to buy him a new pair of shoes soon. I already went and got him shorts in size 18 months (although they looked 12 month to me, I've stopped relying on all sizes meaning the same thing). His shirts still fit, but I'm worried that by the end of the summer his belly may start sticking out. They're size 12 months.

Today we went to the library well...two of them. They each have a baby story time: one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. We live close to each of the libraries. The first library HB was extremely clinging. I think he thought that I was dropping him off. The second library he was clingy at first but after a half hour he got up and played. After the story time, I chased him around the library.

One of the other patrons made some remark about "she must be letting him run it out so he'll sleep well." I ignored the comment, but as we came around the corner I was confronted by the person the woman must have been talking to who said something similar with a smile. She was being serious and not unkind. So I told her no. That actually running around even for a tired child winds them up and they won't sleep. I told her I wind him down when he goes to sleep. "Oh, I must be doing it wrong then. Tell me what should I be doing?" So I told her to read stories, color, and do puzzles are good things to try before bed.

I suppose the reason why I bring this story up is because it's so shocking to me that someone sincerely thought that by letting a child play hard they could get them to sleep better. The reasons for my shock are two fold: 1) this is a library, a place of learning, and know for a fact that there are books about sleep in here; I've read some of them; and none of them suggest wearing them out 2) it's not logical; plain and simple.

I've read a ton of books about sleep because as a sleep deprived parents, my husband and I were desperate to squeeze out a few extra hours of sleep. None of the books we've read no matter the philosophy (cry it out or not cry it out) said that it would be a good idea to chase your child around in order to make them tired. In fact all that I've read has logically pointed out why winding them down with things like stories is better.

I mean think about it. As an adult when you're tired do you A) go for a jog or B) read a book to get more relaxed for sleep. Most people would say B because A just wakes you up. Even fitness mags say not to exercise two hours before you want to sleep. Granted children are different in some ways, but as I said in point one none of the sleep books said that winding down before you sleep was any different for children than adults. In fact Dr. Ferber came up with the analogy about reading in bed before sleep. He also suggested other things like relaxing baths, relaxing music, simple play, coloring, etc.

So it struck me as almost strange to hear in 2011 a woman and her companion at the library truly believing that wearing out a child is the best way. I've heard strange remarks about breastfeeding, cloth diapers, etc, but sleep?

Speaking of cloth diapers, on Sunday I told the lady not to worry about diaper changes because we CD. She said she had tried that herself about 20 years ago and gave up. But then I told her they don't make em' like they used to. I pulled down HB's pants to show her. "Oh, it's red!" she exclaimed. Then I unvelcroed it and showed her that it was a pocket. "We had to use pins and stuff. This seems so much nicer." I might not have converted her back to CDing, but at least she's aware. She told me she used to/still does run a daycare out of her home. Nice lady. Those comments I'm used to, but sleep? Ah, well.


  1. I'm surprised you haven't heard that before... its really common. And in a sense it can work. At some point after running wild a kid will crash. Its not a good way to go to sleep (or get them to sleep) but it can work. Saddly its what happens with my daughter more often than not. She refuses to wind down. Still trying though :-)

  2. I had hear something similar before but usually it's with someone who is older. This lady was younger and it's not something that I've heard here in AZ. It's something that I've heard in more conservative and traditional discipline areas. Most people out here are a little more liberal with how they raise their children. But that's another blog post so I'll save it.


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