Thursday, June 30, 2011


There's this great resource that I've stumbled upon called Cloth Diaper Finder. It breaks down cloth diaper very well and helps you find a diaper according to what you specify. The best part of the whole thing is that it lets you search by country of origin (meaning where it's made.) It also includes major brands and lesser known work-at-home brands (usually popular etsy shops). Thought it was neat so go check it out. The lady who set it up also has a blog where she often posts great vlog reviews on different diapers. She's very thorough and explains and demonstrates how a product works.

Diapers Made in China:
Charlie Banana
Baby Beehinds
Babykicks (although the inserts are made in the USA the diapers are not)
Blissful Booty
Doopsy (Sorry Mama K; I can't buy them)
G Diapers
Gogreen diapers
Grovia diapers (so there aren't any non-Chinese hybrids out there)
itti bitti
Sweet Pea
Lovely Pocket

Looking at the Made in USA list made me feel better. There were more varieties. Here's a few names you may already know.
Best bottoms
Cheeky Diapers
Happy Heinys
Little beetle

Ahh...doesn't it make you feel more fuzzy inside. I'm really starting to dig the Smartipants. They just came out with a one-size diaper cover and have a one-size pocket diaper that is similar to Thirsties (it's open at both ends and agitates out in the wash) except it's less expensive. It also seems to hold up better than a Thirsties pocket, which unfortunately the stitching has come undone on a couple of them around the velcro area. I want one.

The forth is quickly approaching. While on vacation, many fireworks tents were erected. We went to one and bought fireworks. Okay, more like we bought fireworks for my FIL. I looked at every cracker and they are all from China. Granted it's the Chinese who invented fireworks. A little internet research has turned up two things: 1) because of strict regulations there really aren't very many firework manufacturers in the US 2) the chinese workers often have casualties and injuries due to the improper manufacturing equipment. So think about that a little when considering buying fireworks and opt for going to a public display, barbecuing, or being crafty over the forth.

We've decided to have a mover move our boxes and furniture for us. So today we had one of the estimators come out. They give you an extimate based on all the pounds of stuff you have and distance. The guy, I got the strongest impression, was not a parent. He would say "oh, that's nice" repeatedly every time HB handed him something. He tried, but you know a parent reacts differently. Also he was apparently allergic to cats. Must be a tough job if you have to go into people's homes with cats. If I were him, I'd try and switch. Also chicken pecked through the computer program. I don't know why, but has always irritated me. A half hour later of trying to entertain HB and answer a lot of questions while walking through my war-torn house complete with a growing pile of dirty dishes I was ready for the guy to leave. And I get to repeat this tomorrow and next week. *dripping with sarcasm* lovely.

Looked at Greentoys for finding some toddler friendly plates and cups. They have a new line coming out. They said early spring so I contacted a rep and here's her reply:

Thanks for the email. Due to some production delays for the tableware, the ship date to stores had been pushed back to this summer. Everything has been shipping to stores this week – so keep an eye out! (maybe check a Whole Foods near you).



I knew a few stores around town who carried stuff, but it was children's toys. I didn't realize Whole Foods carried any (or maybe I did I have a bad memory). So that explains it although they should update their site so parents know.

Virtual babyshower- I did some research and learned a lot. People do this sort of thing. Some ideas for mine are uploading pictures onto the blog and using Skype to talk in person multiparty. You can sign up for a day to use the service and it's only 5 dollars for up to ten people. So I need to pick a date and send out my virtual invites.

And that's it. I think.

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