Friday, June 3, 2011

This is What I'm Talking About

I thought about writing a post on the latest news while procrastinating from chores (the dishes stink and make me feel yucky), but decided to do some "light" research in an area I plan to tackle after predestination, which already has sources ready. I came across a site called Just for Catholics. Don't be fooled. It's a site run by a Reformed Church goer/former Catholic who illustrates just how bad people's knowledge of the faith they grew up in is. He's not from the US so I'm sure his upbringing was more cultural, which is a big problem for many Catholics outside the US. So was he really a Catholic in the faith-based sense? Don't know.

Anyways...I clicked on the about page and this is what I saw.

"From then on, I would not depend on my church, good works, penance or Mary for salvation. Now I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. He alone died for my sins. He alone is my living Saviour who secures the salvation of my soul."

Problem. The Church has never/ does not teach that salvation depends on the Church, penance, or Mary for salvation. And I've talked ad naseum about these topics to point that out. Penance is seeking forgiveness, but does not ensure salvation. The Church does not give salvation. Mary definitely does not have the power to save only to speak on behalf of. Jesus and Jesus alone saves. And that's what I've been saying all along and that's what the Church has been saying all along. So why is lie being perpetually taught to people? Where is it coming from?

"I left the Roman Catholic church a few weeks later, because I felt uneasy in a church that taught salvation by human merit."

The Church does not say that salvation comes by human merit but rather human merit is a fruit from the tree of salvation. Again salvation comes from Jesus. And it's truly sad that someone left the Church under the impression that the Church teaches that we, human's, can save ourselves. But Protestants tend to err on this side when they say their salvation is insured by accepting Jesus. Only Jesus decides salvation. And he can take it away. So if this man thinks he's gotten away from a Church that teaches salvation by "human merit" he could have easily just joined a church that says people's own acceptance of Jesus determines their salvation. Buzz. Wrong. Jesus alone determines that whether you accept him or not.

"Some may feel that I misunderstand or misrepresent the Catholic religion. My answer is that I know Catholicism from personal experience; and for many years I continue to study Catholic literature - the creeds, councils, decrees, the catechism and the modern apologists. I do my best to represent catholic doctrine accurately."

Sorry, sir, but you don't. If you did, you would know that your above statements are false. Let me quote a bit for you that you must have missed. CCC (Catechism of Catholic Church) # 169- Salvation comes from God alone (didn't I just say the Church teaches that); but because we receive the life of faith through the Church she is our mother: "We believe the Church as the mother of our new birth, and not in the Church as if she were the author of our salvation." (didn't I just say that the Church itself doesn't insure salvation) Because she is our mother she is also our teacher in the faith. So where on earth are these creeds, councils, decrees, and in the catechism (because I just quoted it) and modern apologists does it say that the Church gives salvation or that human's can manifest it. Buzz. Wrong. You lie or are extremely misled because it doesn't say that anywhere.

And then of course he speaks about his beliefs and quotes the Apostle's Creed, which incidentally is dissected into tiny teachable parts in the Catechism, which he says he reads and understand. Sheesh.

And now you know why I spend multitudinous amounts of time typing up posts about these things. He's spreading a lie and I don't care what your religious affiliations are. Don't you for one second believe him or anyone else who says that kind of bogus crap. If your preacher says that kinda crap too, then he doesn't know what he's talking about or he's purposely misleading you. I will tell you the truth and what's more unlike him, I will quote where it says what we believe and why.

This stuff seriously pisses me off. Mostly because he says he's trying to "help" Catholics when he's the one who needs help. But more importantly because it's perpetuating a lie that unenlightened people believe. And that's why Catholics spend more time defending themselves or worse try to dispel the myth only to be told they don't know what their talking about.

I'm going to say it once and for all: Catholics believe that only God/Jesus saves. He gave the power to forgive sin to priests, but he did not give priests the power of salvation. He didn't give it to man or Mary or the Church. He has the power and only he has that right. And that's why Catholics believe that only the dead, who have already been judged, know whether they are saved or not.

So now that you know the truth, please go out and tell somebody. Obviously even those raised in the faith, have no clue.

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