Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I'm so freakin' tired. I hate traveling. Everything was fine going on vacation and did not turn out so good coming back. The time difference is killer; my body thinks it's much later than it really is.

1) I don't think we'll fly again. I'll explain more details later. Suffices to say even though we weren't flying United, they wouldn't give us a trash bag for our car seat because "we weren't customers." It's a trash bag. Come on. If you want people to consider doing business with your airline wouldn't you want to entice customers who already fly to choose your airline because of things like "great customer service" and "family-friendly." Yeah, poo poo on you United. Which led to a piece of foam coming loose and dislodging from our car seat upon picking it up. No damage. I was able to pop it back in.

2) Car seat was easy to install in my MIL's van. Was not easy to "install" in our car. I say install in quotes because I got it in there, but after much cursing, kicking the tires, and deciding that it wasn't giggling that much I was only wanting to get home. I still need to reinstall. I'm sure with a clearer head it'll be easy. It always works that way.

3) Apparently our small roach problem was a lot bigger. We found some dead ones that our "hunters" must have gotten ahold of. Three bodies were located. The roaches have been coming through the dishwasher piping and I'm not sure how to keep that from happening.

4) Cats don't do so well without their owners around. There was poop and vomit. We did have someone come by to do upkeep. They were "kind" enough to cover it with paper towels. I haven't the foggiest idea why they didn't just clean it up since they were already going to clean the cat boxes. Sheesh. So much for coming back to a clean house.

Anyways...I guess you can see why I'm frustrated and tired. I'll post rants about the airlines (and some positives too). I'll also talk about the trip. But for now I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. I think that most everyone agrees that you sleep better and feel better when your sleeping in your own bed. Night!

Oh, and I've been keeping up with all the news. Congrats to Cam! And hang in there Mama K. I don't know of any parents who have escaped going to the hospital when their children were little. My parents had to take my then infant brother in for surgery because he couldn't pee and some friends of mine's daughter had unexplained bleeding when she was only a couple of weeks old. I'm awaiting my turn.

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  1. Aww thanks! I know he's gonna be alright... just made for an awful week & still a little stressed.

    Sorry you're not feeling well. Hope you get some rest & get to feeling better!


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