Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Up?

The ceiling? Ha ha. Bad joke.

Hubby: Hubby had sent in a form to get his dissertation bound and printed sent to him. It hasn't arrived so he called the publisher who said it was on hold. The University had put a hold on it. So hubs called the U and they said that there was some issue with his grades and so his dissertation and his diploma weren't being released. It sounds like a paper work issue because Hubs grades are fine. The lady said she was clearing it up and everything should arrive in three weeks. Why didn't the U notify him of a problem? Was he supposed to just guess? Ah Yie Yie.

He's been driving me crazy tonight saying over and over again "We have so much to do before we leave." I'm not sure if he's saying that because he thinks I don't realize or he's saying that because he's stressed. He gets stressed too easily.

Bought himself a mac lap top for graduation present. Both the U and the new job use the same program to run the lab equipment. The program is a mac only so Hubby reasoned that it would be a lot easier on him to have a mac especially if he's presenting stuff at conferences. I haven't really looked at it yet, but from what I can tell it will suit him a lot better than lugging my lap top around. I'm not very good at using a mac anyway. People tell me it's way easier than PC, but I'm not all that familiar with it.

Baby Number 2: is just fine. Everything looks good. I weigh a whopping 151. I gained 25 pounds with HB and so far I've gained roughly 10. I need to start eating better I guess although the problem is that I'm hungry a lot. The nausea gets less daily so today I tried to hold out on taking the meds. This evening isn't fun, but it's okay. My stomach's just upset. Morning I didn't notice a difference. So I think I'll take some in the evening for the rest of the week and then try again.

HB: has six teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. He's started to climb on everything. He's also decided to try walking around in one of his dad's shoes. He must be eating a lot better judging from the poop output. He loves music and to dance. He says a few more words other than no and mommy. He says please although it sounds like peas, bye, and daddy. He's not a real big talker though. He's only said those words a few times. Told me bye when going to bed tonight. Oh, and he's big into kisses. He loves to be given and he loves to give kisses. He'll randomly stick out his head, push up his lips, and go "umm" when he wants one.

My goal when we get back from vacation is to start Toddler School with him. I need to draft a lesson plan for the weeks leading up to the move. I work well with having a schedule to stick to. I don't work so well without one.

Me: It's hot and I feel fat. I'm in that horrible in-between stage where people aren't sure if you've gained a little recently, didn't get rid of the "baby weight", or are pregnant. So I'm trying to hid it until it's obvious that the round shape means baby not fat. Still doesn't make me feel less fat.

Also not big into get belly shots. I know some people are, but I'm not one of them. I have maybe two pictures from before because my mother insisted. I'm afraid that on our vacation family are going to want a profile or to take pictures or to *gasp* touch me. I'm not really going to like that. I managed to avoid strangers from touching me the first time so I'm hoping my "don't touch me I'm not that friendly" face will ward off people.

Oh, maternity skirt pictures. I haven't taken any, but (shoulda thought about this before) the site has pics.

Twill Skirt- I got one in navy and one in khaki

Denim Skirt- I got it in a dark color

The company is called Modest Apparel USA. Everything is made in the USA and very affordable. The skirts were about 33 dollars a piece. Which is great for stuff made in the USA and maternity and new.

Other thing...I've been thinking that after we move we won't know anyone really well, but I still think it would be nice to have some sort of baby shower. My in-laws threw us a wedding shower over the phone so with that idea in mind, I thought that I would throw myself a virtual shower. I'm not sure how that's going to work. I know that you can have live feeds of things, but does anyone know if you can have feedback at the same time? Anyone know of any good programs? Just trying to plan things out ahead of time.

And that's it. I think.

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  1. That sounds really cute! The shower. Glad you'll get to have one of some kind :-)

    ZJ and HB sound about on the same page... Kisses are huge here (esp when he's tired or sick like now, he gets extra lovey). He has a lot of words but rarely uses them. He actually goes silent around some people. I guess he has a bit more of my personality there.

    I didn't take many belly shots with Kalila (mabye 2 the whole pg) but love the ones I did last time. Is funny how what I was comfortable with changed from one to the other. Kind of surprised that I'm not like you on the touching thing... expected before I would be, but it doesn't bother me. Some of the comments on the other hand... I'm not looking forward to the ones I know will come with the next kid. Tongue biting practice in order :-j Either that or snarky comebacks lol.


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