Thursday, July 14, 2011

4 years of accumulated Stuff

I've been packing today. My goal is to pack at least one box a day. And since I wanted to start this on Monday but didn't until today, the goal is pack four boxes. I've already packed a huge (like the kind my desk top was shipped in) box of quilts and blankets. Please for the love of Pete, don't make or send us anymore blankets or quilts. Here's the inventory: comforter, bed blanket, three bed sized quilts (yes, three, we only have one bed), 2 throw sized quilts, 1 throw blanket, 1 crocheted or knitted throw, 4 quilted baby's blankets, an assortment of receiving blankets (I think there's like eight), and 1 crocheted toddler-size blanket. I think we're set for the unlikely event of blizzard weather. If you want to make a quilt or blanket, please wait until we have a much larger house or keep it until then.

I've also packed two large boxes of books, but stopped them from getting too full for fear of the boxes not holding up. I need packing peanuts. I also need bubble wrap for breakables.

So that's three boxes. Tonight, I plan on going through my girly items (lotions, jewelry, perfume, etc) and discarding things I know I won't use (namely old make-up and nail polish). Then pack those items as well.

I'm hoping to get all non-essential items packed in the next two weeks hence the ticker so I won't go "Oh, my Gosh! We have a week left to pack everything!!! Don't panic!!!"

Because in addition to the packing of good there's the getting of medical records, the emptying the saftey deposit box, the closing bank accounts, the forwarding the mailing address, etc. All those fun things you have to do the last week before you move.

You'd think I'd never moved before, but that's not true. I've moved myself a few times, but never have I moved myself and two other people. The only thing I remember about moving a whole family was when I was five. I have vague memories of the unpacking. I remember my mom standing in the kitchen with boxes piled high saying "Now I think we should find the dishes first." and I remember that night staying up late as my parents sifted through the piles of boxes to find the one with sheets in it. I also remember getting our dog. And the fact that our house looked a little barren. You wouldn't think that now. Funny how technology makes the room in your house shrink. Funny how over the years we accumulate stuff.

When I was single, I moved into my 1st apartment with enough stuff to fill a van. It fit into a corner of a room. Then I moved all that stuff and more into a 500+ square foot guest house, where I accumulated more stuff. Then I was married and had to combine and weed out all our stuff (who needs two beds and two futons etc). But then about two years ago I thought I did a good job of weeding down stuff to make room for HB. But HB comes with his own stuff and we've managed to still accumulate things I really don't think we need to keep.

So craig's list will be my friend for the bulky stuff and the dumpster will become a new home for my nick nacks (I have way too many candles for someone who hardly ever burns them for fear of catching my house on fire).

Well I better rest. HB's been down for a while already and my body aches from all the bending.

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