Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chinese Free Watch?

My kid likes to eat metal. He also likes to wear my watch. And during baby story time at the library, he took my watch and pulled the pin out with his teeth. Not that it mattered because it was a cheap watch and it was falling apart (fake shiny stuff coming off, issues with the links). So now he has a watch of his own that doesn't work.

I know that all watches low end use Chinese-made bands. And the same can be said for all higher end watches, but not all of them. So today I went to Dillards hoping to find something. My birthday is coming up so I knew that this would be splurge on myself. I have a nice watch, but it's bulky and it's self-timing and for whatever reason, it doesn't keep good time for me.

I went to the counter where they sell watches and the sales woman was Asian. Deep breath. I asked her if she knew of any watches that did not have any Chinese-made watch bands. Since most watch faces are made in Japan or elsewhere, the problem lies in the band. I tried to be pleasant. But I knew she must have thought it odd, and I prayed that she wasn't Chinese and didn't start going for "racist white girl."

Swiss Army is all swiss. She knew that off the bat. So then she kindly started checking all watch bands for me. We found two. Kenneth Cole (I believe was one) and then a Denmark Company, Skagen. The bands said nothing so we naturally assume it means they aren't Chinese.

She asked me why. And I think my heart skipped a bit because "racist white girl" is not the reason. And I tried to nonchalantly say that it was because of the one-child policy. I could have given her all 19 reasons or stated my top few, but I felt one good reason was enough. If she wanted a follow up, I could say it was because it's against my religion, which is it. Religious trump card seems to be enough reason for anyone. But no follow up question. She seemed to think that was a good enough reason. She also said that the reason for the Chinese-made watch bands was because "Chinese labor is cheaper." Yes, yes it is. And I'd rather support Japan (which is where Skagen makes it's watches) especially with all that's going on there. They're a democracy and don't have a one-child policy (even though culturally the Japanese don't tend to have a lot of kids.)

So there's my adventure with a Chinese free watch that was super expensive. The most expensive watch I've ever bought myself. But it's my birthday.

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