Friday, July 1, 2011

It's 10 pm and the Trip part 1

It's 10 pm and I should be getting ready for bed. In other words, taking a shower and brushing my teeth; that sort of thing. But I'm up because of two reasons which you could probably never guess. 1) I live in the desert. You only do working things at night or early morning. Because if you do anything past 10 am, you are only asking for more work on yourself. I'm doing laundry. Not that it's work intensive, but because the laundry facilities are around back. I have to go outside and open the door to a tiny space where the washer and dryer are kept without air flow of any kind unless it's breezy. So I do laundry in the morning or at night. And since this morning I was expecting another assessment for moving, I did dishes so the poor lady would not think we were gross people. 2) The washer has issues. It keeps coming unbalanced regardless. This means I have to keep checking it in order to wash clothes. So it adds more time. I could tell the HOA people to fix it, but the last time I told them the gutter was coming loose took several months to fix. I think they got around to it after it basically fell off. So I can't imagine in a month they'll get around to fixing the washer.

So here I am, as usual, going to bed long after everyone else. And I wonder why my husband can't understand why I can't get up at the same time he can.

So the trip...

We got to the airport without trouble. Hubby dropped us off and went to go find a car park place. We were able to check the car seat. The lady gave us a trash bag since I didn't know that that's standard. What I found out later is that with United at least, you don't have to pay to check things like car seats and strollers. So I would ask or not use the automated self check-in if anyone should fly in the future. We got settled in the airport terminal.

No delay of our first flight, which is unusual since about half the time I fly into that particular airport it's delayed. We were separated, but asked a lady to switch. She had an empty seat next to her as a result. HB was a bit scared, but so was I. Heavy turbulence due to the heat. The flight attendant gave us water despite the flight being only 20 minutes long.

We got to the other airport and I managed to get to the next terminal slowly. I have problems with motion sickness, but airplanes mostly cause problems with my ears (air pressure) which causes headaches. So it's not really motion sickness like riding in a car can do for me. We ate and got on board our next flight.

The lady who sat next to us was a grandmother and so kept HB entertained until he (finally!) fell asleep. She was super nice especially since we had a delay of an hour and half while they replaced some computer part. So HB was bouncing off the walls and we hadn't even pushed off yet but were stuck on the plane. After we took off, we had more turbulence. And as we approached our destination we were basically in a storm.

My in-laws met us and we got our stuff. We wrangled the car seat in, which was a little difficult given that I was tired and it was sprinkling. The diagrams in car seat manuals are so confusing. Yes, I brought it with us. I'm not crazy enough to think I can install a car seat stupendously especially in someone else's car.

We drove about an hour to my in-laws house. It poured heavily in some places. And by the time we settled down to sleep it was three am their time. But that didn't matter because rise and shine HB woke up at 8:30.

I leave the story there and pick it back up later.

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