Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its my birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday. One of the milestone ones. When Hubby turned this age we took a trip to Las Vegas. I just had a nice weekend. Friday we saw Harry Potter. Saturday we invited people out to dinner, but as expected only one showed up (I have some fickle friends although one had a really good excuse).

And today I dragged Hubby to Mass and frosted my own birthday cake. I make birthday cakes; I don't buy them (sorta). I totally missed making a cake for Hubby because morning sickness plus smells equal bad. And I probably will for HB since his sibling will only be a month old. Something about sleep deprivation and baking don't go well together. I've burned myself in the oven often enough to know I have to be well rested. I digress again.

So I bought a boxed cake mix as opposed to making a cake entirely from scratch. I have done that before, but a cake mix in a box and one you put together yourself tastes the same. And I'm all for saving myself a head ache. The cake mix was a marble cake. Turned out well.

Now I make my own frosting. All health experts say don't eat trans fat. That's the one fat you shouldn't ever touch. And where can you find said fat since it's been eliminated from most food items: store pre-made frosting. Look on the can if you don't believe me. They put fat in the frosting (lard really) to make the frosting shelf stable. Ordinary frosting belongs in the fridge. The shelf stable frosting is bad for you and to me it tastes bad. If you've ever had homemade frosting, you'd understand. It's much better and doesn't taste so well....fatty.

It's actually quite easy to make your own frosting. I made chocolate. All you need is cocoa powder, butter, milk, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, google (for looking up proportions), mixing bowl, and a really good whisk or fork or hand held mixer. It really takes no time at all. Sounds complicated but totally isn't. And is it oh so worth it. Yum. Hubby loves a good cream cheese frosting.

Anyways... I should go to bed. Tomorrow I will announce a giveaway thingy and maybe talk about Arizona especially the misconceptions about heat since I know people further east are getting our high temps coupled with humidity (move this way I swear it's cooler). I'll explain more later. TTFN!


  1. Happy Bday!

    For some reason I thought my buttercream recipe (my favorite frosting, the chocolate one is great too) had lard in it. Apparently not lol. I used to use the Wilton recipe (maybe that had the lard?) but found one in the old cookbook my dad gave me and its even better.

    I use boxed cakes occasionally too... I'm doing a hybrid for Kalila's bday, half boxed half homemade (one tier of each lol).

    Looking forward to the giveaway, hope everything is going well!

  2. Thanks!

    I have seen some homemade frosting recipe's with lard, but most of them use butter which is better in comparison. Frosting itself is not good for you, but lard is a big no no. I've never made a homemade lard one, but my guess is it tastes similar to a self-stable frosting.

  3. Its not bad... Tasting that is. I'd say its better than the stuff you buy at the store still. But... I like the butter only kind a ton better. Even my FIL noticed a difference lol.


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