Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking forward

I'm totally stoked about our move. Yes, that did sound a bit valley girl coming from me. Although please imagine it without the California Surfer accent. I don't have one. I'm from Mississippi so if you want an accent think twang.

Anyway top reasons for being stoked about the move:
1) More space- we're going up to 1,000 square feet woho!

2) Extra bathroom- which is probably where the most space difference is. I don't mind. I love Hubby but he hogs the bathroom. And after 4 years I'm tired of standing at the bottom of the stairs shouting "I have to go." and having whole conversations about what type of going I need to do and if I can hold it whatsoever. Or my decision to "well, I'll just use the tub then." With a groaning reply of "Fine. Give me a minute." Holding it is not entirely easy with baby number 2's head right next to my bladder. Not that you needed to know that. The other thing is the placement of cat boxes and food and whatnot in our kitchen. It's precarious and not fun to smell while cooking. An extra bathroom means potentially the cat boxes can go in there.

3) No more stairs!- When we first moved in, I thought it would be fun to live in place that had stairs inside it. Split levels are fine if your house is large. Mine is not. So lugging oneself up often to use the facilities, change diapers, move laundry, etc. while pregnant is not fun. Neither is trying to vacuum them. And let's not forgot the wasted space area directly below the stairs. Nor the fact that I have a bouncy toddler who loves to climb them. I'm tired of going over the baby gate. One less baby gate would be nice. I think it will be good to have one level plan. Plus there are no stairs to climb to get into the apartment either.

4) There's a gated/walled patio- The one thing about the condo that I hate is that we are the corner of two streets (an alley and a main street really). People drive like maniacs and it's oh so tempting for my toddler to take off. Try waddling after a toddler in 100+ temperatures. You learn to shout and pray at the same time. I've reluctantly given up on taking him outside at all. We both feel like caged animals by the end of the day. The apartment has a small patio, which is nice because I can put some outside toys out there (his trike) and keep an eye on him in the living room. There's also a playground that's in the complex. So I don't have to pack him all up and strap him into a car.

So now you understand why I'm so happy to be moving. I'll miss the condo, but aren't you supposed to moving up in dwelling places as you get older?

The other thing I'm looking forward to is the birth of my 2nd son. For a while now, I've been tormenting myself about names. You've probably noticed. I had some great girl names in mind, but another a boy name was difficult. I have a baby name book divided by gender. You have to flip past girl names to get to the boy names. This added to my torment. "must find a good boy's name....must find a good boy's name." kept repeating itself in my head. Hubby is pickier than I am so input is necessary. And then I would ask HB to see what his reaction was (which was nothing of course he's 18 months old). Hubby, I think, was finally sick of it. And looked at my list and said "how about blah" (he was mixing some of my suggestions I give first/middle combos) and then I said "well, doesn't that sound a bit about if we change the middle name a little bit to something similar." And then we got the name.

It's totally appropriate for a number of reasons, which I will divulge later. We don't tell the name until after the baby is born. Plus it gives you a chance to change your mind without hurting anyone's feelings (my mom monograms things). Then there's people who tend to "steal" names. Or they choose a name so close. Hubby's worry is about popular culture, but you can't avoid that. His other thing is the popularity of a name. My worry is that the name is too unusual that people don't know how to spell it. So we pick something that's not trendy but classic.

Anyways...what I'm not looking forward to is packing. I hate it. It's a huge headache, but I need to get back to it. Not much time left.

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