Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Name Games

Just a friendly reminder tomorrow is the sonogram and the last day of the giveaway.

I'm actually on the fence about gender. Mostly I just want to know that the baby is healthy (which worries me more and causes me to remind myself not to panic no matter what). This baby is a mover and a shaker, and is currently jabbing at me. Obviously there are some normal qualities about him/her. Another boy would be good. We have everything boy/gender neutral. It would be easier. But a girl would be nice. It's a lot easier to sew outfits for a girl. And because we're total cheap skates, I don't think she would appreciate showing old family photos to friends with her in a John Deer tractor onesie. So healthy baby.

Hubby, naturally, wants another boy.

I've been looking at names again and in particular one syllable names. I'll tell you there are hardly any good girl names that are one syllable. Some of them are downright strange (Bird, Byrd). I went through and circled all of them and Hubby and I don't really agree on any of them.

Boy names, on the hand, are a whole lot easier. We haven't gone through those either.

But it doesn't matter; tomorrow we theoretically find out and that cuts out half the problems. I just give him a list of top five with matching middle names. I already have a list somewhere that I'll tweak since I've changed my mind about a few names. Then Hubby gets to pick. That's how we did it last time. Hubby hates choosing names, but he's picky so he gets veto power. HB was not my first pick for a name, but it was on the list and after a while it grew on me. I'm hoping that will happen with the other baby's name. So I guess I'll have to pick some good ones.

Well I'll wrap this up. I had more stuff to say, but I think this post is long enough so I'll post the other in a minute.

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