Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nesting = Shopping

I think that while I've escaped, to my determent, the second trimester boast, I've hit the nesting stage hard. I've been doing overkill on looking at cloth diapers and strollers. Strollers since I haven't found anything about baby wearing children of two different ages. I may have to e-mail an expert. Although it may not be advisable anyway because that's an awful lot of weight and I'm not sure any baby carrier could withstand it.

So stroller shopping. I've hit a snag. I said that there was one stroller not made in China by Peg Perego, but that isn't true. According to a few websites, some if not all of Peg Perego's strollers are made in China. A reviewer for Amazon even copied and pasted a letter of inquiry to the company. According to the website and several other sources, PP's products are made in Italy. However, the letter the reviewer received said that their products are designed in Italy (a huge distinction from Made). The Amazon listing also uses the phrase "designed" rather than "made." This is unusual because often when Amazon lists a product they will use the word "made." So one can conclude that indeed PP's strollers are made outside of Italy.

So I've looked around to see if perhaps there was a stroller made in the US. A few have claimed Britax has, but that isn't true. Britax car seats are still made in the US (from foreign parts). The strollers are made in China.

A person have listed Mountain Buggy, a New Zealand based company, on a forum as an alternative but I'm skeptical. They are definitely more expensive, but again the wording of Amazon "designed" and not "made" leads me to conclude that these strollers are also made in China.

Teutonia, a German-based stroller, also was listed. Their sight does not say anything about where they are made (another giveaway that it's not German manufactured). They do say that they were bought out a few years ago by the Newell Rubbermaid company, which also owns Graco. Graco manufactures in China.

Now I could specifically ask these companies myself, but judging by a few clues here and there, I think I would be wasting my time. Therefore, I think all strollers are made in China from high end to low end. *sigh*

And as one guy who was going all Made in the USA discovered there are no strollers made in the USA. None. Not one.

My only option is buy used hoping that the product hasn't been recalled (which happens at an alarming rate amputated fingers and all) or to buy Chinese new.

I'm in a big of a pickle.

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