Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reading Redbook

In one of the issues of Redbook there was an article about a form of domestic violence: forced pregnancy. It's were guys try to impregnate women against their will by rape, tampering with birth control, isolation, or coercion. It's a form of control. The idea is that the man can control the woman by having her bare his children (control over her body) and by having her constantly tied to him for the rest of his life. Needless to say the article was disturbing. I can see this sort of thing happening where a girl starts dating a guy who talks obsessively about her having his children. This sort of abuse is often tied to other forms of abuse such as physical or verbal abuse. Sometimes the man realizes that their is a baby involved and ends up coercing the woman to have an abortion.

But what bothered me was the plug for Planned Parenthood. It was mentioned twice in the article. The article said that clinics are sometimes the only outside help that these women can receive. Then it went on to say legislators want to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and what a "travesty" it would be to the victims.

Planned Parenthood is not up for sainthood anytime soon. There are other places women can go to for outside help. Let me list a few: an ob's office, the health department, a regular physician, a domestic abuse hotline, a domestic abuse shelter, a church, etc. etc. Planned Parenthood is not the only place, but it's the only place specifically mentioned in the article. The article did not include a 1-800 number of a domestic abuse hotline, which I think is irresponsible.

I could see some poor women cowering in the bathroom, picking up her copy of Redbook, reading the article, and thinking "why that's me." Realizing she's in the middle of domestic violence and this mounting pressure she feels to bare a child is not all in her head, she sees that the only resource is Planned Parenthood? Maybe she has one in her area. Maybe she doesn't. What are the other alternatives? Does the article give them? Nope.

Redbook if your going to be informational, please be a little resourceful too. Thanks.

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