Friday, July 29, 2011


I want to say that my motivations for wearing skirts or dresses is not necessarily a religious one. There is evidence enough to help emphasize the wearing of skirts, at least in my mind, but that isn't my reason for wearing them exclusively. Cam did some really nice posts about this and so I refer to her blog.

No, my reason is because this is how, for the most part, it's been for me. I hate pants. And it has not a whole lot to do with religion. I've always hated pants much longer than I've hated bras.

As far back as I can remember I would throw entire fits during winter time. My parents would try to get me to wear pants to stay warm and I would refuse. Pants were awful. This was the 80s and those darn things were tight and uncomfortable. The only things I would wear were the fluffy sweat suits, but only if my mom put a saftey pin through the elastic.

I did eventually start wearing pants around Junior High, but then sometime around student teaching I found skirts were more comfortable. People here in Arizona thought that I wore them for religious reasons, but really it's all about comfort.

Reasons why I wear skirts:

1)Cooler- I live in the dessert. It's hotter here and skirts just keep better airflow.
2) Stretchy- most skirts use elastic which is most forgiving since let's face it women fluctuate in size
3) Flattery- Skirts hide a lot. Muffin tops, Thunder thighs. They all go away with the right skirt.
4) Flexibility- you can dress a skirt up or dress it down. People say the same thing about jeans, but jeans dressed up at Mass doesn't quite look as polished as a skirt at Mass.
5)Less clothes- You can wear skirts easily in winter, summer, spring, and fall by adding layers, leggings, tights etc. It's a little bit harder to do that in pants. Also pants get incredibly hot in summer (at least here). Plus you don't end up with a massive wardrobe of jeans, skirts, etc all for different occasions.
6) Fashionable- Believe it or not, skirts are fashionable. I'm not sure where people get the idea that all skirt wearers look like Mennonites or something. Even denim skirts look cute with the right cut.
7) Fit- I'm 5'4" which means I fall in between a petite and a medium in length. This is really annoying because with pants they are either too short or too long. The length of the skirt, as long as it doesn't drag the floor, isn't nearly as important. If it comes to your calves, it's not considered too short. So they work better for my awkward size.

While I don't judge people for enjoying their pants/jeans, it's just not my thing.

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  1. I go through stages, but I usually prefer skirts too :-)


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