Sunday, July 10, 2011

Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars at Work

Yesterday evening we had a blip in our internet. We have cable internet and apparently someone broke into the box and attempted to steal it. The repair guy back and simply plugged us in. That explains why cable is so outrageous. Thou shall not steal.

Anyway, I've been on a campaign which sorta has momentum of boycotting Chinese-made goods. My reason is because I want to send a message to manufacturers especially those based in the US that their silence and over-looking the truth of things for cheap labor or forced labor goods is not cool. I have no love for the Chinese government. But I most certainly am incensed when a US-based company cares more about money then the true values of business: honesty, protecting workers, and fair wages just to name a few. Granted a few companies tout that they are fair trade and inspect the manufacturing facilities regularly, but it's their word. They don't offer proof. I'd rather them falsely advertise that their good is made elsewhere because there are laws in the US against that. There are international laws about the selling of forced labor goods, but companies still slip in all those twinkling Christmas lights.

Anyways...I think it's about time to step things up a notch. To get more political so I'm sending out a few feelers. A presidential election is coming up and I thought you should know a few things.

Ever heard of the United Nations Population Fund? What they do is help fund programs in 150 countries for health and human reproductive programs. They help women in sexual abuse cases. They help fund STD screenings. And among other things, they are part of one-child policies especially those in China. You got that straight. They help fund programs in China and spur on forced sterilizations and forced abortions.

To quote Wikipedia, "A 2001 study conducted by the pro-life Population Research Institute (PRI) claimed that the UNFPA shared an office with the Chinese family planning officials who were carrying out forced abortions. 'We located the family planning offices, and in that family planning office, we located the UNFPA office, and we confirmed from family planning officials there that there is no distinction between what the UNFPA does and what the Chinese Family Planning Office does,' said Scott Weinberg, a spokesman for PRI."

The UNPF is controversial to the United States too. During the Reagan administration, the United States cut off all funding to UNPF. George Bush senior refused to give out millions of dollars and referred to human rights abuses as being the reason. This mentality continued until 2009. The Obama administration, yes the Obama coming up for reelection, decided to reinstate funding to the UNPF. And to top it off, there's actually an organization called Americans for UNPF who helped fund the UNPF during the years that the US government refused to contribute.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure the UNPF does wonderful things for women and men, but not in China.

So I guess my big political push this year is : Don't vote for Obama. And maybe if people would be interested in joining me, start a letter writing campaign urging your Congressmen and the president to once again cut funding to UNPF.

If your a practicing Catholic, you should realize that your tax dollars (the very ones that we didn't want funding abortion in the health care bill) are already going to fund something far worse: forced abortion, where women who desire to keep their children are being strapped to their beds and forced to abort even through 9 months of pregnancy. I don't care how you feel pro-choice or pro-life, forcing someone to kill their child is wrong.

So would anyone be interested in licking a few stamps? I'd like to know because if people are interested, I could create some buttons and whatnot to spread the word about the campaign.


  1. Sure, let me know what it is you have in mind and I will see if I can do anything.

  2. email me and I'll do what I can- and thanks for the link...another post idea for me!


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