Saturday, August 13, 2011


You may be thinking...why do you need new furniture? Did you say you donated some?

Ah, yes. Well here's the reason for the donation.

1) The entertainment center where the tv goes was open. We have a toddler who knows how to operate the gadgets. The easiest way to avoid having the tv turned on whenever is to get something with doors and baby proof it. Yes, we could spend time being mean and forcing him away from the tv, but as soon as you leave the room, there he is. He has no impulse control. He's one. To save our entertainment/movies from toddler destruction (and to keep Hubby sane) we got rid of the old center and are getting something easier to baby proof.

2) Dining room set, was a freebie from Hubby's college days. It's old. It originally looked like a conference/game table since it wasn't square or round and had chairs with wheels that swiveled. The chairs broke so we inherited some paint-chipping ones. The table was also falling apart. The feet came off. So a slightly broken table with mis-matched and falling apart chairs. Needless to say, someone else can love it a little longer, but not us. We're a family. We need a table that will go the distance not a college hand-me down.

3) The desk was used. And it wobbled really badly, which is not good for a computer. Hubby was worried that it would collapse one day under the stress of a toddler who climbs. I agreed. It's time for something more stable. So out it went to someone who could figure out a way to make the wobble go away or doesn't have a toddler in their house (or jumping dogs...or older get the idea).

So I hope that enlightens you. We do use stuff until it can't really be of use. And we try and buy used because we're frugal. A lot of the stuff we had in the condo has found a home elsewhere in the apartment. A small set of drawers now holds toys. Baskets are being used in the bathroom that once were used in our bedroom. We make things work until they don't.


  1. Thank you for this! I actually have no entertainment center currently, nor do I have a baby - but I'm praying for the latter to come along in the next few years and so this helps me to understand what kind of furniture I should be looking for. It would be a shame to buy a non-babyproofable entertainment center (one of the most expensive pieces) and then find out it was a nightmare with kids. I've already altered my coffee table expectations dramatically. It's these little details that bloggers share that make all the difference.

  2. Yes, all that stuff does help. It's helped me out a lot. Although the furniture was something we had from our single lives, which is why it doesn't work for us anymore. I wasn't thinking long term and neither was Hubby when we bought some of the stuff we own. Now I'm trying to think that way. I'm glad that my quarky explanation was helpful. I sometimes think I'm just babbling (okay more like most of the time).


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