Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Craziness of it All

So today we organized the kiddos room. Right now HB is still in his crib. We plan on getting a twin sized mattress to place on the floor, but not in the immediate future. With all the goings on, we've decided to keep his life as normal as possible before the transition. He's also teething. His working on his canine teeth on top. So he's fussier than normal and has some crazy poops. So his room isn't set up the way it will be once he gets his mattress. That's because there is a window with blinds that he can reach up and mess with so we've moved the crib far from that area where he will eventually be sleeping sans crib. The crib will go near the window (but not under it; there's no cord anyway) and next to the changing table. HB will be on the opposite side next to the dresser. And the rocking chair will be under the window. I'll have to take a picture soon.

Then we went to a home improvement store and to look at furniture. We've baby proofed the heck out of HB's room so he can hang out there without his worried mother. Since he can pull and push back in plug covers, we bought new plate covers that slide so it's trickier. Hopefully he won't figure it out. Otherwise I'll have to find ones that cover the plate entirely. It's all made in China of course. So is most hardware.

His room is cute and spacious (once we figured out how to arrange the furniture to serve my obnoxious safety issues and Hubby's nutty worry over HB playing with the blinds). All of his toys are in his closet. I went ahead and put everything out with the intention of eventually taking some toys out for rotation. Haven't done it yet, because I wanted to make sure we had room for stuff.

Did I mention that we unpacked the kitchen? Yep. But we're going to have to handwash for a while because our dishwasher doesn't appear to clean anything. :( That's okay. I lived on my own for a while sans dishwasher. It's just a nuisance to have one that takes up space and doesn't work. The dining room closet is organized. We bought bungy chord to keep HB out of it.

The next thing to do is get furniture. We traipsed today. And Hubby suggested going used/Craig's List. I like Craig's List if your looking for a piece of furniture, but we're looking for a lot of stuff so it doesn't work to go scouting all over the place getting it and having to lift it by himself (or begging help). So I suggested a used furniture store, which is how I acquired furniture when I moved on my own, because they often deliver. Hubby has also done some online looking around and found some reasonable furniture that can be delivered to our door (and we have to put together). I told him to hold off until tomorrow when he goes and hits the used stores.

So for now we're holding off on much more unpacking. Theoretically we could start putting books away, but there's no point. The office stuff is much more important. Hubby suggested the aesthetics (picture frames and whatnot), but I told him that there wasn't much point if we weren't sure of the position of the furniture. So our walls look bare and we've got about 25 boxes left along with a pile of used and broken down boxes, which we intend to sell to someone so get a little back for our payment (yes, we're that cheap).

And right now I'm talking myself into buying finger nail polish. Did I mention I hate spending money especially on myself. I have lotions and perfumes that I bought before Hubby that I don't really use. I don't wear or own make-up. But I like nail polish. I stopped wearing it on my fingers after HB was born because I was afraid of the paint chipping and him eating it (pulling him off a boobie). The chemicals in that stuff are terrible. But then I came across eco-friendly polish particularly Piggy Paints which are safe for kids and pregnant people. Before the move I threw out every nail polish that I had, which some were very old. And told myself as another birthday present to me, I would get some nail polish. But I can't hit the checkout button. I can't. It's not much money, and it's not like I'm being over-indulgent, but I can't. Can I seriously justify pampering myself when I know we're in financial purgatory and there are other ways I could spend money like helping the poor?

Tomorrow we start a new parish. There is a big one (I'm assuming) close by. I've already drawn up the map and am looking forward to going. I'm also nervous. I've been reading horror stories about people glaring at angelic behaving children and quiet/discreet nursing mothers. My pregnancy hormones and fatigue have already left me a snappy ball of emotions. Can I handle the disapproval of a complete stranger without loosing my cool? Oh, Sweet Jesus! Why are there so many judgmental people out there? And if I become one of them, please gently correct me! I know I'm not perfect, but don't let me loose it at church.

Ah, heck. Where's that darn checkout button? Some people need chocolate. I haven't worn nail polish in over a year. What the hey. Don't judge me.


  1. I too have had a non-functioning dishwasher! I hated that it took up so much room, too, and so I simply used it as a drying rack; the benefit was that I didn't have to have a drying rack on the counter. Of course, with a little one, an open dishwasher may not be ideal, but maybe you can dry dishes overnight.

    Also, I think that nail polish is one of the best returns on investment. You get so very many uses out of a single bottle.

    Like you, I sometimes feel that I could be giving that money to the poor instead, and so what I tend to do is say, "Okay, Mrs. M. If you have $12 to spend on a manicure, you also have another $12 to give to charity," and if that's not true - if I don't have $24 total - then I don't get the manicure. Does that logic make any sense? I hope so. Maybe it's really flawed logic, but it's how I go about things.

  2. No. It makes sense. It's a good way at being generous. But then I also try to factor in that generosity and charity don't have to be money-based. Giving your time also is equally important. Some people will throw money at the problem to make it "disappear", but there still needs to be people in the trenches doing good. Not that I'm saying that you don't help. I'm just pointing out that sometimes we beat ourselves up about the money part and forget to think about the volunteering part (at least I do).


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