Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Daily Grind

I hope most people realized my comments about flashing people were totally tongue in cheek. While it's true, my pregnant boobs do not look appealing enough to grace the cover of Vogue, I wouldn't flash people anyway unless I was really really really drunk and then the only person would be my husband. :)

But any doodle, today was a good day. I was busy. Having spent last night wading through Target, I got home rather late and was too tired to deal with dishes. So this morning I washed dishes. HB and I went on our usual morning walk. Today he wanted to be picked up and toted around so I knew he musta been hot. We ran into a guy in the complex (or rather I was trying to keep HB off his porch) who was doing laundry. I don't know why but guys in their 20s scare me. Maybe it's because they are usually built and broad shouldered and I have nightmares about being picked up and throw around like a rag doll, but they scare me. I used to date shrimpy nerdy guys who look relatively harmless. Some of them were literally only a couple inches taller than myself. Hubby is a normal sized guy, but he's very thin. Despite what you say about my cooking making you gain weight, Hubs, you're a wirey sort of fellow. Nobody would know that you are secretly a black belt and could kick "pretty-boy" neighbor's butt (that is if he doesn't know martial arts). It explains, of course, why my son is also thin.

Okay...back on track. After our usual start to the day, I took HB to Home Depot and he actually behaved himself. I love the people who invented the shopping carts that look like cars. You guys rock! Other stores need to carry them because I seriously try to avoid grocery stores that do not have these awesome carts. I got the right sized pegs for the shelving and decided that since he wasn't flipping out or asking to get out of the cart 10 times we could move next door to Walmart. Now this Walmart is huge. I guess I haven't been to a super in a while, but I had trouble finding stuff.

I initially went in looking for a hair brush, printer paper, and toilet paper and came out also with crayons, water colors, and chalk. The crayons were made in Mexico, the water colors were USA but the brush is Chinese, and the chalk (which I haven't found up until this point not Made in China) was from Indonesia. I'm holding off on the crayons because HB eats those like candy. I don't understand why he thinks they taste good, but then again his mother was a dirt-eater. The water colors we'll probably use soon and the chalk I'm holding off on until he gets A) bored with our walks or B) it gets cooler. Our porch is just concrete slab. It's a perfect place to teach him how to draw on the sidewalk.

We got home and I made some ravioli (not from scratch they were frozen). I washed diapers (I need to hang them up as they don't completely dry with one cycle of the dryer) and I also swept and mopped the kitchen and two bathrooms. And I cleaned the bathrooms and laid down some contact paper on the shelf where the cat box sits so as to make cleaning a little easier. I also gave Hubby a good ribbing for not sweeping up litter around the box since we've been tracking it into the carpet. Of course he fires back at me a bit about how he can't understand my nurotic cleaning habits. One minute I'm a total slob asking him to stop moving my clutter places where I can't find things. Hubby, I really can't get to my shoes if you keep putting them under the bed. And today, I'm gung ho crazy cleaning lady. I blame it on the serious need to nest as a result of being pregnant.

Speaking of the next project will be to clean the carpet and to finish contact papering the kitchen. I don't think the bathrooms really need it. Theoretically I can convince Hubby to finish cutting the shelves to fit and then I can unpack our now -20 boxes. I say negative because a lot of the boxes are opened and half full since we were looking for a particular essential item. I still haven't found the diaper changing table pad yet. Some of the boxes are actually empty but are sitting on top of a full box to prevent Mr. Boy from climbing on boxes. He hasn't figured out that he could just push the box off and climb up. Shhh...don't tell him.

We also have a bite on renting out the condo. She keeps talking about wanting to paint it and stuff. We've come down on the rent, but it still covers the mortgage. We just have to eat all the other fees like insurance, property taxes, our manager, and the homeowner's associate fees. In this down turn economy, having somebody rent the place who won't totally destroy it is better than sitting on property without any income. Our mortgage has become upside down, which means that we owe more to the bank on our condo then it's worth. my dad explained, this means we only have a few options 1) let it go to the bank and ruin our credit 2) try and rent it out, which is the route we've taken or 3) trade it in for a place where we live now and only will live for two years at most. We could also try and sell it but continue to make payments, but that isn't fiscally savy. So you see now why we had to rent it out. It just makes more sense to take a small loss rather than a huge one. We do plan on selling when the market is stronger, whenever that will be.

A thing she brought up (and so did those who toured) was the cat smell. Funny thing is our manager said they all had pets. Sorry, folks, but it doesn't matter if you have a dog or a cat, you're house is going to smell that way. They're fur gets into the carpet and when you have it shampooed and cleaned it leaves a smell. This apartment smelled like dog for the first few days. So I'm not sure why these animal owners made such a big thing of the cat smell unless they were dog owners. And no offense to dog owners, but I've noticed that they, for whatever reason, have a problem with cats. I don't really care either way. Cats are easier to take care of. You don't have to entertain them. You don't have to take them for walks. You just feed them, pet them periodically, and clean their box. That's it. Having a dog is like having half a child. They require more effort, which quite frankly, I'd rather give to my child. But I still like dogs. If someone needed me to, I'd watch their dog or would take one in (my landlord's wouldn't like it though).

So at least we don't have to change the carpet because she doesn't care. I wonder what she'll think of our cabinets. The doors are falling apart. Ah, well. I lived in a place where pieces of the linoleum were missing or burnt and my shower was so small that I could only stand there. I had to get out of the shower to shave my legs. The stand up shower we have now is about 25-50 percent larger. I also didn't have room for a kitchen table so I used a tray table during winter and if I had company, I had patio furniture outside. You learn to live with what you have.

But the long story short, it seems my intercessory prayers to St. Joseph have paid off and we may no longer be in such financial purgatory. least it won't be so bad as paying a mortgage AND rent every month would be.

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