Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Daily Update

So today, I called the birthing center and set up an appointment for a consultation and tour. I'm assuming sense I'm a transfer they want to make sure that I would be a good candidate for delivering there before anything else. Don't know. Never been to a birthing center and not sure how they handle transfers.

Also called Sweet Tomatoes to ask about their mats. They have these wonderful mats they put under high chairs. They told me it was just fabric stuff. So off HB and I went to Joann's and bought table cloth material that matches the carpet. Someone online suggested using an old table cloth too, but this was some thick nice vinyl. Cost less than buying a computer chair plastic thingy.

I went to Target today too. Hate this place. Not cause I have a problem with Target, but the crowd. Because we live close to the University, this is probably the most convenient mall for all the college crowd to get to and they drive me nuts. This is the second time I've been that there has been cussing and stuff. There were two girls in the baby section discussing buying clothes and one of them said something about not wanting to buy anything too toddler. I almost butted in to tell them that actually buying something toddler is better because babies grow so fast that their friend probably won't be using the skirt for too long anyway. Toddlers tend to stay in those sizes longer. Needless to say, an overly pregnant woman knows a bit more than these college valley girls. But who am I to judge, I used to have trouble buying baby stuff for friends too. Maybe I should have said something to these two giggly 20 somethings.

The biggest problem was that these people are also nesting in their own way. Trying to find stuff in that store was a nightmare because they were all sold out. I went looking for printer paper and there was none left. Three shelves for printer paper and it was gone. Looked for an extra brush for Hubby because he takes showers at work (because he bikes in) and there weren't any of those either. There were "girl" hair brushes. You know that come in pink and whatnot. Didn't think he'd like those. Yet, browsing through maternity wear (since I'm misplaced a bra and am not sure when it will be found again), everything was there.

The other thing is that clearly there is this huge walk way for pedestrians into the store. And on each side of driving traffic, it clearly says "stop." But people don't unless you are standing there in the middle of the walk-way. Now I'm a bit slow, but I'm not slow in the head. I pointed out to these two college kids on a motorcycle with no helmet that it says to stop and they rolled through it. It's night time. Come on. This is a mall parking lot. Not the Indy 500. Where do they need to go that they need to drive through a stop sign? I'm sorry, but it's a peeve of mine that people who are driving aren't being careful enough with pedestrians around. If it was a road in a neighborhood, alright, sure. But this was a crowded mall area at night.

Ah, well. They aren't wearing helmets. I suppose it's such a thrill to break the law or crack open your head. My mom's best friend's son died from a motorcycle crash. His helmet was cracked clean through. And while in grad school, one of the undergrads who I performed with died over a summer due to a motorcycle accident. I'm sure if your safe about it and watch out for crazy car drivers, motorcycles are fine. But I notice that around here, people ride too fast and don't wear a helmet.

Other thing Hubby noticed is the fact that there is a free-for-all at Universities. I don't understand why college students behave the way they do in public but don't act that way at home. Don't get me wrong. My friends and I made our evening runs to Taco Bell and for Ice Cream and the local Walmart where we laughed at the stuff they sold. But I think all the "eye candy" is way over the top. Hubby said while waiting for the bus (and he doesn't understand exactly how this could be but) there was a girl riding her bicycle and he could see the bottom of her cleavage. She was wearing a V-neck, he said, that was cut so low that it wasn't the top or the sides but the bottom. Yeah, I don't get that either. Would you wear something like that around your dad? Why would you wear that out in public simply because you are close to a University?

Maybe I'm some stuffy fuddy duddy who needs to lighten up, but I find it so ironic that these "liberated" women grace the cover of magazines (and show up at Universities) are okay. Yet I whip out a boob to feed my toddler using nursing attire so you don't see anything except maybe a sliver of skin or the nipple for all of 2 seconds, and people are screaming bloody murder. I guess my breasts aren't sexy enough. Jeez, it must be all those pregnancy stretch marks that these young 20 somethings don't have. Oddly enough the reason for the way that they look right now is because of sex. And the reason why men view breasts sexually is because we're hardwired to think that breasts means sustaining offspring. So in other words, breastfeeding is sexy. Sexier than just staring at big pieces of fat and mammary glands. Stretch marks should be sexier than perky fake boobs. But alas. I know I'm only dreaming. I don't imagine the young male 20 somethings would want this old lady with sagging boobs covered in stretch marks to flash them. Oh, well. My kid likes em'.

So tomorrow I will either go to Home Depot and/or Walmart depending on how much HB can handle being in a place that is perpetually "fun" for a toddler. Why do people put breakable objects on the lower shelves in stores? Are they trying to drive a mom nuts?

And hopefully I will get around to clean our bathrooms. I keep saying that, but it hasn't happened yet. Okay. I shall disembark.

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  1. Hope the tour goes well!

    I was too late to transfer when I looked into it with my first (or at least I assumed.. I was already 40 weeks lol) so no experience with the transfer bit.

    And agreed on the whole breast thing. That gets me going too lol.


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