Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Different stuff

So this is a post with some different and not necessarily related stuff. Call it a quick take.

Fire Safety tips brought to you by Hubby and all the orientation classes he has to go to.
1) In order to make sure your fire extinguisher reaches it's full life, you're supposed to shake it every couple of months. Otherwise it gets gummed up and won't work over time.
2) Your fire extinguisher should be in an easy access area close to the kitchen. Ours in in the closet, which it should not be there. It should be in plain view so that anyone who happens to notice the fire (a visiting friend etc) can grab it and spring into action.
3) You should also have a fire extinguisher in your bedroom. Should your alarm go off in the middle of the night, you may need it to create a path for yourself to exit your home safely.
4) You should regularly check your fire extinguisher to make sure it's still ready for use. (which I need to do myself, woops)
5) Make sure that it's easy to exit your home. Some older areas do not have a sliding dead bolt but rather a key lock on both sides. If your land lord has not, ask them to replace it. If you are the land lord, replace it ASAP. It's a violation of most fire safety codes.
6) Replace your smoke detector batteries annually. I once dated a guy who every year for Christmas his dad would send him batteries.
7) Some of the most common household fires are totally preventable. Make sure to never leave a lighted candle unattended especially if you have pets or children. Be sure to turn off the stove top and oven after use. In order to be up to code, all electrical outlets near water should have an automatic shut-off switch. Check your breaker box to make sure all your breakers are in working order.

Today I cleaned up the entertainment center. The darn thing had a layer of black junk on it. My guess is it's grease of some kind. The glass doors also had tape gunk on them and I cleaned that up using a scrubby sponge and rubbing alcohol. It looks nice.

Hubby installed our diaper sprayer and he set up the computer stuff so that I can unpack the office stuff while HB sleeps.

No dishwasher yet.

Tomorrow we need to clean up the dining room table and chairs. We took the leaf out so now we're cozy again. And I noticed that one of the chairs is cracked clean through on the seat. So now we have four chairs. But that's all I wanted anyway.

Hubby has a cubicle and tomorrow he plans on biking into work. He got info about bike routes from a grad student so he's going to give it a go tomorrow. This frees up the car since we're now a one car family (Hubby donated his car to a friend who restores automobiles. His car was a 1992 and they no longer make the engine mounts which he had two cracked ones.) The goal is to swing by the church to register and maybe the library to get a card and look around.

Gross Alert
This pregnancy is totally different. Not only did I have a horrible case of morning sickness and a child who I could feel move so early, but I get horrible indigestion. As in it makes my stomach hurt until I belch indigestion. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to prevent this? Thanks.

Apparently one of the benefits of Hubby being an employee of a University is that I can take up to 9 semester hours for 25 dollars. Maybe in the future I'll consider taking a few classes to 1) keep my teaching license and 2) work on an endorsement in elementary ed, but we'll see.

And we're working on tot school here again. I want to do somethings that involve paint, but we haven't got a thing to protect the floor in the dining room (it's carpeted) nor do we have a table cloth so....I've been doing other things. Today I took out a cookie sheet and some magnetic letters and numbers. He had a ball and couldn't quite figure out why the magnets didn't fall off when he turned the sheet up. Although his favorite thing is still messing with the phone. He stood on a box several times to reach it and would mess with it until I unplugged it. He also likes the computer and will ask for it periodically since he's seen that it's in our room now. I've let him watch his videos sparingly until I have a way to keep the messes we'll create at bay. I wonder what's going to happen with the tv when we set that up. My kids a button junkie.

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