Friday, August 19, 2011

I Can't Get No, Satisfaction

I guess I'm on a roll with blog titles named after music titles. But it's true. My body has decided to hate me. I wake up every morning with hip pain. I end the day with hip pain. Fortunately, somewhere mid-morning during our walk, it goes away. I'm also experiencing what I call my "soul being sucked out." I suppose the best way to describe it is I get this feeling like I've got a peppermint stuck in my throat and that my whole body is trying to revolt. I've tried eating different things to see if it's a mineral/vitamin I'm missing but alas it just comes and goes. I had the same feeling with HB. I think it's just my body's way of dealing with 5+ months of being used up and sucked dry.

As for the calling the church thing, I left a message and haven't received a phone call. I told the secretary that it was about a "personal matter" which is code for "it's none of your business and I'm not talking it over with you." She told me that I may not receive a quick response since I wasn't specific and calls are given on basis of need. Yes, I know this. But I was polite anyway and got off the phone. I give it a few days before trying again.

Meanwhile, I'm going to try the other smaller church on Sunday. If they have a cry room, I will join their parish. As far as I know, I can still go to the mom's group at the bigger church. There are no rules about attending groups. And if there are, well, then they really bent things in Tucson. Or these problems need to be addressed and I'll call the Bishop's office for help.

Also got my nail polish. One of them broke during shipping so I sent an e-mail. No response as to whether they are willing to send another bottle or refund me.

So now you see why "I can't get no, satisfaction."

But for now I'm going to eat ice cream, read a bunch of news articles, and paint my nails. Yes, I'm being decedent on a Friday. Don't worry; we had fish for dinner.

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  1. The Church thing would drive me crazy! Like you I was a volunteer who helped in our parish office and I just can't imagine presuming to get to know why someone wanted to speak with a priest! And particularly if it was a new person, who I didn't know anything about, I'd be grateful that they wanted to speak with a priest! I hope you get a call soon!


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