Monday, August 22, 2011

My Chinese Abuse

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Odd Title.

When you set up your house, you realize that you can't avoid the scourge that is Made in China. So here to let you know what we've done and have gotten around, here's my list.

Item- Country of Origin
Shower Curtain- Pakistan
Shower Curtain rings- China
Bath Mat- USA Baby!
hooks- China
Sliding electrical outlet covers- China
Furniture- Origins unknown
Contact paper- USA
Shelving for furniture- USA
Shelving for pantry- China
Basket for Bathroom- Vietnam
small set of plastic drawers- USA
Pegs for shelving- China
Biking outfit for Hubby- Taiwan and Vietnam
Biking gear for Hubby- (didn't get a chance to look and he probably will refuse to tell me)
Bungee chord- see above comments
Door Bell- China

As you can see, we've managed to avoid having to buy a whole lotta stuff. So I'll explain how I avoided China in some cases.

Plastic shower curtains came from China. The other option was a cloth one from Pakistan. Liners are also Chinese made, but you don't need one (despite my husband's questioning, you don't need one). The rings, however, were all Chinese made including the more expensive metal ones. The bath mats, on the other hands, I'm proud to say were made here at home.

All hardware from hooks to baby proofing materials were made in China. The easiest way to avoid this is to get this sorta stuff from a friend whose child is older. My drawer/cabinet latches were free because someone was giving them away. The sliding electrical outlets are easy to install and remove (compared to screwing in a latch) so are the kind of baby proofing stuff that go around door knobs. These things couldn't be avoided since we just moved here, but I have my stash so if anyone needs any baby proofing stuff, let me know.

The furniture was used so my money didn't go to China. My guess is it was hand-made with the exception of the dining room table which I would peg for something closer to home since it's an older piece.

There are two kinds of shelving paper: one is a foam sort of thing and the other is just contact paper. I wanted contact paper because it makes sliding out a dish easier for us short people. The foam stuff comes from China. The contact paper US.

The shelving for the furniture is uncut particle board. The shelving for the pantry was a put together. All the shelving that you put together (like cubbies and whatnot) comes from China. But I didn't look over every piece as we were looking for a specific type and size. So I'm not sure if that holds true for everything.

Wicker baskets are awesome catch-me-alls and look super nice. Problem is every time I go to a craft store or whatnot they say Made in China. But this is back-to-school time so the basket I found said Made in Vietnam. I don't like buying things like Made in Vietnam because they are also communist and have human rights violations too. However, they don't have as big a corner on the consumer goods market as China does so...

Sterilite makes a number of plastic storage container thingys. So far my laundry basket, my wreath holder thingy, my storage tubs, my plastic sets of drawers, and my waist baskets are all made in the USA from that company. Love you guys. Now let's try to make stuff in recycled plastics, shall we? At least they are not a single use plastic manufacturer.

As for the Bungee chord, it's a baby proofing measure to keep HB out of the pantry. I don't think it was made in China, but for the life of me, I can't remember it's origin either.

The door bell is electronic so naturally it comes from China. We probably don't need one, but the air intake is next to the baby's room and you can't hear anything when it's on.

As you can see, it's somewhat easy to avoid China. You just have to consciously turn a product over and look for the country of origin before dumping it into your cart.

Also finding a product used helps with this problem. Small kitchen appliances, telephones, computers, etc can all be bought used. It's better to buy used than new because that money doesn't go back to China so directly.

And I think that's it. Yup. I think we're done here.

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  1. Good for you! I try to make this effort, too - not as much as I should, but I'm getting there - and I know that it can be extraordinarily difficult.


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