Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, Drat!

Reading the filth spewed forth from the homosexual pda "victims," I have seen a few things.

A Desire for Tolerance Goes Both Ways- It seems pretty obvious that those who want Catholics to tolerate the gay life style actually mean they want us to accept it. Tolerate doesn't mean to accept. I tolerate that the vast amount of goods come from China, but I don't accept their standard of treatment or product. So I don't buy the stuff. But tolerance is a two way street. You can't jump on someone's blog screaming "tolerance" and then show no tolerance for a religious person's beliefs. Nor can you say "get your laws out of my bedroom" and then turn around and force young children in public schools across California to hear about the gay life style. Or force adoption/foster agencies to shut down for following their moral compass. That's not tolerance. That's religious persecution.

Now I would say beating up a person is persecution. Striping them of social right's is also persecution. They can do whatever they want to in their bedroom as far as I'm concerned. I leave that one up to God's judgment. But forcing someone to comply when they disagree, now that is intolerance. I don't like PDA whoever it comes from, and legally, I don't have to deal with it.

There also seems to be some desire for Catholics to explain why we are against the homosexual lifestyle.- Problem is that I've seen many Catholics defending the faith. They discuss the Bible and natural law. But this is not satisfactory enough. Somehow there must be some other atheistic basis for being against gay sex. If we are talking tolerance here, why are so many gays not tolerating our explanation? Do I need to explain every aspect of my life to someone? Really why am I straight, why do I brush my teeth a certain way, why do I parent a certain way? On some level, I can give a good explanation and someone could counter it. But it's still my decision that I've made and the reasons are sufficient. I can't make it sufficient enough for everyone else. That's their decision. All a Catholic can simply do is say why they believe that gay sex is immoral, and all a gay person can do is deal with that person's reason whether or not they think it's sufficient for them. There's a phrase for this. It's called "agree to disagree."

But they still bring it up over and over again like a broken record "Can some please answer my question?" Yes, they already did. If a person is looking for another answer, then he/she won't find it. Sorry if the reasons aren't good enough. They are none the less reasons. If one can't handle the given explanation, then don't ask.

If one is truly looking for dialogue, fine. Make your point and move on. There seems to be a problem with the internet debates in general. People make threats they ordinarily wouldn't in person. They also don't tend to "give up" because they view it as "accepting" or "giving in." That's not the point of a discussion. The point of discussion is to hear a person's opposing view point and then make your own. Trying to change a person's mind, while it may happen, is actually very rare. And rarer still does it happen via computer.

Yet these homosexual "victims" play the victim part so very well. "I'm a victim because you won't allow me x, y, and z." Nope. Sorry. Real victims are those locked away in Chinese prisons for speaking up for democracy. Real victims are those who are North Korean labor camps because their second cousin twice removed escaped the country. Those are real victims. They are stripped of any outside contact and starved to death. They disappeared in the middle of the night and were beaten. No trials. Being able to make out in public is not a right. It's not a human basic right. You don't need to make out or rub backs or hold hands in public. You do, however, need to eat.

So cry me a river for this silly brand of intolerance, but come on. Stacy has the right to say whatever she wants to and so does any gay person. Keep things in prospective, people.

I was going to link this to Stacy's blog, but alas blogger doesn't like so many commenters so I'll just leave it here.

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