Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Latest Developments

So today went well. This morning I went by the office to tell them about our dishwasher. Later on a member of maintenance (there are two) stopped by and asked me to explain what was going on. Puzzled as to why it wasn't cleaning my dish, he went by the office to show them. Meanwhile the dishwasher was still running without the bottom rack. When he returned having been told to "show them" he noticed that our jet (which I had originally suspected was the culprit) was off. He pulled it out and noted that the screw has no longer holding. He again went back and came again. This time he "brought help." The other maintenance man pulled it up and said it was gummed up and the screw clearly needed replacing. He also noticed that our racks are horrible. They are corroded and several of those sticking-up-to-hold-dishes dohickies were broken off. He told me that they may want to replace the whole unit, but not to get my hopes up. At the very least, they would fix the jet and replace the racks. He wrote down the model number and told me that he would let me know.

Later on in the day, he came back and announced that to replace just the bottom rack alone would cost 150 smacks. He said it would be cheaper to replace the whole kit-and-kaboodle. So I'm getting a new dishwasher sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. Yeah!! I was sad to loose the one in the condo that we had recently replaced. To get yet another new dishwasher will be awesome.

And the furniture was delivered in the late afternoon. It's great. Maybe not to someone whose used to having nice furniture, but it's all solid wood.

The desk looks like it once was part of dormitory. We cleaned it tonight and began to set up the office, which we'll finish tomorrow. The wood doesn't appear to be stained just sanded and sealed. It was really gross with candle wax and candy on it. We also found somebody's opened mail. The desk has a hutch which doesn't attach but sits on top and some drawers. It also came with a chair and an open book shelf. The chair is outside. Hubby was concerned about it being in the house because it's dirty looking. It's upholstered. The desk is not as bad as Hubby initially described it as being. I like it quite a bit and it looks nice now that it's been cleaned/polished. It's also solid wood as opposed to the compressed or particle board jobies that we're used to. The old desk was like that and it shook a lot.

The entertainment center we haven't tackled yet. It looks like the desk. It has a set of drawers and wooden door area as well as a glass door area. I can already tell that the glass needs some heavy duty cleaning. The wooden door areas don't have shelves and are big enough for HB to hide in. Hubby figures we just get some wood and have them cut to fit the inside. It has peg holes. I told Hubby that we'd have to pull out baby proofing stuffs. The upper part of it is just shelving. It's big. It leans a little forward too although most tall pieces do that. I figure we just take some cardboard and shove it under the front.

The dining room table is big with the leaf in it. You can comfortably feed six people and squeeze in two more. One side of the table is a heavily scratched and speckled with glitter, but it's no biggie. We'll just get a table cloth and nobody will know. (Well you all know) It came with five chairs. They are the old fashioned style that I remember my grandma having. You know the ones where the backs have those peg things. Some of the pegs are loose. Hubby figures we can glue them back in with a little wood glue. They also have those tied on pillows. I told Hubby those need to be thrown out. My tush is fine without them. It's functional and works for me. I have a toddler. I don't need anything super pretty and nice to get ruined.

If your wondering the grand total of all this was 400 dollars with delivery fees. You can buy a single piece of wooden furniture for much more than that new. I think we did well.

So tomorrow's goal is to get the office up and running and to clean the entertainment center.

Hubby's first day of work was today. It was orientation. He found out that they won't provide him with a computer. They expect that you buy your own. He also has a cubicle so tomorrow he will be moving out four boxes. Hallelujah! With the dining room table out, there is no more room to move in the dining room to get to the kitchen or the living room. As for the insurance, he turned in all the info, but hasn't heard anything. He's going to take to the HR lady tomorrow.

So it's really later than I expected to stay up and I still need a shower. Talk to ya tomorrow. :)

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