Monday, August 29, 2011

PDA- Ewww!

There's been an attack on a Catholic mommy blogger who was talking about her gross-factor of PDA specifically having her children see it in the public park and amongst homosexuals. I won't link it. You can find the plethora of articles about in on the Anyway her article got linked to a website and now a whole host of people are ransacking her blog, calling her a bigot, and even sending death threats.

I agree with her some things in public bother me and I don't want my children exposed to it either. I look at it this way; is PDA necessary? Is it really necessary to make out with a person or hold their hand or anything else like that? Does it matter if they are homosexual or heterosexual or old or young or married or not? Do we really need to see it? I personally don't like it. I don't like couples kissing during the sign of peace unless you're meaning it as the kiss of peace which is not sexual. Greetings like shaking hands or kisses on the cheek don't bother me either because it's a cultural greeting not a public display of affection. I also don't like people holding hands in public unless it's to aid a child crossing the street or to maneuver through throngs of people without getting separated. I think you get my point. Making out is not necessary to do in public so why is anyone?

Yet there's this whole group of people saying it's a "right." Um nope. It's not a right for anyone to make out in public or get frisky. The cops can ask you to leave. And you'd have to because there are no laws out there protecting people who want to grope someone in public. There are laws, however, that say certain lewd acts aren't allowed in public. I'm referring to public nudity, indecency, and acts. Now I'm not saying that was what was happening at the park, but what I am saying is that all the touchy touchy feely feely was totally unnecessary and it doesn't really matter who was doing it to whom.

The other thing that irks me and has since oh well one lovely family incident from highschool is people who cuss in front of children or in public. It's illegal to curse in public, but people do it anyway and it's really hard to enforce. I don't like children being around it and I certainly don't want my children to be exposed to it. Sure there are slip ups: an adult slamming their finger in the door that sort of thing. But last night one of neighbors threw a pool party complete with a dj and there were kids and I overheard a part of conversation as I walked my way to the laundry room where a girl (and later a guy) said so many F bombs that I swear she must of been saying them to act all tough. I think there were at least 20 used as nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs. Every other word was an F bomb.

And to make it all worse there were some young child maybe two or three as well as some other children. Maybe someone told her to dial it back, but I doubt it. It's becoming more and more common place for children to hear these words and to say them. Working at the day care, children often came in saying curse words. Young children who were just learning to talk. One grandmother embarrassingly admitted that she and her daughter noticed that her granddaughter would say Sh... anytime something fell on the floor. She said they were trying to stop the cursing. At least she recognized the problem. Some parents don't care. I don't know about you but I'd be a bit distraught if my son starting dropping F bombs because it would be a reflection of me. Kids imitate what they see.

So I completely understand as a parent why some people don't want their children exposed to certain things and I try and respect that. PDA isn't necessary; cursing in public isn't necessary. Therefore, I don't understand why people are getting upset about this and calling her a bigot. Nor do I not understand why people say "leave us alone we're not doing anything to you" when they keep pushing for religious people to recognize gay marriage and gay-life style values. You can't say you're not doing anything to someone if you are. Granted there are those crazy Christians who spend their time spewing hate, but Catholicism doesn't teach that and I don't know of any Catholics who behave that way (at least without proper admonishment). To equate a person's feelings about PDA with being a bigot is an exaggeration. One also shouldn't say that about a person one doesn't know anything about. Nor should a gay activist make it his/her mission to destroy the Church simply because we don't condone the gay value system. I don't make a gay person become Catholic or believe the things I believe. That is up to the individual. Respect is mutual.

*wiping off my brow and stepping off my soap box*

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